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Guys, I am quite busy this last few days. Not that busy working but busy wondering that the last 3 months effort have shown the result. I am getting 3 checks worth RM385,000 (approximately USD121,013). So it is a proven method where there is a good potential to bring your offline products online. See the result here. Click to see bigger picture. Double click to see the money! 🙂

So nothing is impossible! Don’t you think so?

While a lot of people are extremely being passionate about jump starting their careers on Internet and Online Business, a lot have been experiencing tragic failures and many are being traumatized after getting into this business type. There are, however, educational tactics that one can employ to better get prepared with doing business online. I have learned some of the practical tips and techniques that you could use to succeed, or at least be less stressed about getting started with your own businesses.

• Know what you are getting into. What is a better way to know what you are plunging into than immersing yourself with information about the business and the market of the business you are engaging with. Making an extensive research about the ins and outs of your business will help you eliminate the traumatizing failure of being a good online business. In short, do not engage on the business without properly preparing your mind, your resources, and your self about the nature of your business.

• Know your market. It is difficult to be getting involved on something especially on business without prior knowledge as to who your potential clients will be. At least, in a nutshell, make a thorough and intensive research about the niche of the product. This will better prepare you to combating the failure of not knowing what to deliver with your prospective clients.

• Know the right technique to boost your market status. This is the meat of your business. Knowing how to better make your presence visible is a relatively difficult one to do. Make sure that you properly market and advertise your product and services with proper equation of the marketing tools in hand.

Guys, if you want to know what are my offline products, here is the website: . . . opps . . . sorry guys . . . the website not yet finish, coz’ am busy in marketing! 🙂 But it does not matter, TPS Power is a new baby but I am in the market for more than 18 years now. So my conventional marketing skill is now starting to show some positive result online. Constantly learn new things and implement it, or like Nike “Just Do It!”. It will surely show you the way.

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  1. […] As I said before nothing is impossible in business if we are willing to learn and take action. I may be an old guy and am willing to learn from anybody who is willing to depart his knowledge especially doing things right online. Now my offline products are showing steady result online. […]

  2. Rohazli on August 24th, 2008

    wow…beso nyer cheque…are all those really from offline?? wow, I am impress…

  3. roslimh on August 25th, 2008

    Hi Rohazli,

    It was a 3 month effort where I made contact to this customer online. Exchange few emails and then wrote them a proposal. So at the end, the orders materialize, then comes the awesome 3 big cheques from Citibank the bankers for the awesome customer.

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