Swine Flu Outbreak: Echoes of 1918

Today I read that Swine Flu or the authority rename it to Influenza A (H1N1) is getting worst in the US. In an evening newspaper I am worried reading an article with the title “Echoes of 1918”. What happened in 1918? It says that in 1918 (The Great Influenza/Spanish Flu) victims sometimes died within hours, blood coursing from noses and mouths; coffins piled high on city streets. Worldwide, multitudes succumbed – 40 million, 100 million, no one knows for sure. Could this history repeats? Experts say it is not likely. The Spanish Flu epidemic was, in the words of writer Lynette Iezonni, “the most catastropic season of death in human history”. The cause was a new virus with a special talent to slaughter; scientists literally did not know what they were dealing with. Mass movements of men fight in World War I helped spread the disease, while government officials eager to keep wartime morale high, and panic low, downplayed the disaster.

The Great Influenza (1918-1919)

Now we live in a different time. This is 2009! No one knows whether the new swine flu will develop into a major killer, but viruses are better understood. US health experts say the new strain’s genetic make-up doesn not show specific traits that showed up in 1918. Are we so sure?

But we have to remember that we nowadays move around a lot more than our greatgrandparents did in 1918, taking planes to distant cities and our cars to neighborhood cities. Viruses tag along!

One statement that we need to ponder very seriously even now we have modern medicine, modern facilities and superb communications tools. Dr. William Schaffner, chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Vanderbilt University says, “No matter how well we prepare, there will be illness, there will be death“.

Latest News:

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Lastly, I would like to remind all my friends and all muslim readers, please seek forgiveness from the Allah and recite a lot of the Holy Quran to seek guidance from this disease or outbreak. Listen to this video.

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