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Mobile speech and data communications have become part of everyday life in all parts of the world. However, the provision of more sophisticated ‘tele-presence’ services requires a further quantum leap in research if we are to move forward from mobile phone technology. The Communications Group plays a key role in researching and advancing the necessary enabling technologies to facilitate this quantum leap, including the physical network and service layers, as well as their joint optimisation.

Long-term research in the group focuses on communications and information theory. It provides ideas for more short-term, applied research, while directly appealing to industrial partners across the globe.

Mobile Multimedia refers to the multimedia information exchange over wireless networks or wireless Internet. The popularity and evolution of mobile computing devices, together with fast, affordable mobile networks, have made it possible to increase the range and complexity of mobile multimedia applications and services provided to end-users of these kinds of equipments. In the core of this revolution is the astonishing growth in the number, types, novelty, and complexity of mobile multimedia applications and services.

See how Mobile Multimedia has change a company on how they build their website and also marketing their product in the most effective and catchy way. Technology does change things nowadays. See this example with U Mobile.

Note: U Mobile is newest cellular service provider in Malaysia.

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