MLM Success and Failure

Guys, in every business there are only 2 answers. Believe me there are no more than 2. The answer is SUCCESS and FAILURE. This is the truth that each and everyone of us need to know in this world.

This evening as usual I do my online marketing stuffs and looking for more infos online. While ‘sneaking’ here and there online, I found one forum with an interesting thread, “MLM LIES!!! 97% FAIL RATE!!! LIES!!” interesting thread, right? In general people are saying that MLM or Network Marketing business has a 97% fail rate. Big Deal?

But why? (If you have failed at MLM, you don’t get to answer here……I know you are disappointed and you want to make sure that everyone knows that your failure had nothing to do with your inability to gain enough mental leverage on yourself to do what was necessary to figure out an effective sales and recruiting approach…I have heard it many, many or millions times already!)

Regardless of how I feel about people’s sudden lack of personal responsibility when it comes to failing at things, the sad fact remains that 97% are failing. So while I am not one to buy into people’s excuse-making, I also know that the basic business model is pretty messed up if your getting results like that.


It’s very simple. MLM’ers have not learned how to stop CHASING DOWN THEIR TARGET MARKET! For that matter, they don’t even know how to assess who their target market really is!

And even if someone does know how to define who their target market is, many will then go into that market with a big pile of business cards and their nice suit ready to put on a show:

“This company is 21 years old, we are debt free and we have THE GREATEST (insert your thing here) that has ever been in the market….AND we are creating 100 millionaires in the next 24 months! You should come to our meeting at (insert local cheese ball hotel) this Monday night! We have a guest speaker who was a (insert really crappy job here) and now he earns over XXXX per month!”

That is called “chasing”. THAT is why you have your 97% fail rate.

Solution?  I get this from Danny Arrington, One of Law of Attraction Guru, The Secret

Learn to ADD MASSIVE USE VALUE TO YOUR MARKET. (first, you need to know who your target market is and where to find them)

Now, at first this can be difficult. But it’s the difference between chasing a dream and being miserable doing it and having your dream chase you and having a blast.

So what it means to add Massive Use Value?

Danny Arrington explained that Adding Massive Use Value is about finding your passion and having as much fun doing it as you can.

He added, I have a student named Frank Wall. He is in Monavie. He LOVES working out. The first time he called Danny he had NO CLUE how to do anything other than pitch, pitch and pitch some more. He could get so excited about Monavie! And you know what? He has a heart of gold. He really does believe in it. He is in amazing shape and says that his energy level is a result of drinking 2 oz’s per day. Who can argue with that? He is a walking billboard.

But guess what? NOBODY CARES! His family tells him they don’t want to hear about it. All of his friends are sick to death of it. His coworkers have all bought in and then fallen out on him. He is making no money and it’s been over a year!!!

So he calls Danny and wants to know how Danny can help him. Danny told him to describe to his ideal life. He says “I would work out everyday, own a gym, teach people to eat right and get in shape.”

PERFECT! Danny told him to start making videos that teach people how to work out. He looks at Danny like I am crazy. “How is that adding value and making me Monavie sales?”

Danny said “when you teach others how to improve their lives, they become fans and fans want to follow you and do whatever you do.”

He didn’t believe it would work but did it anyway with some hesitation. It’s been 5 months and he now has people all over the country following him around begging to know how to get in the shape he is in….how to eat like him…how to work out like him. He is a legend in the minds of hundreds and hundreds of people.

Now, Frank Wall is at the top of Google for the keyword phrase “atlanta fitness expert”….his video is the first and second spots. He has realized the power of living your life NOW and has also adopted MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) by becoming an affiliate for some workout stuff. He is writing an ebook and has totally expanded his mindset.

So you see, adding massive use value is going to be different for everyone.

Read carefully. Every single one of you has something inside of you that makes you as unique as a snowflake. THIS is your gift FROM GOD and TO THE WORLD. Use it.USE you GOD GIVEN TALENTS!

How would it feel to wake up everyday and simply do what you totally love…only what is worthy of your life. To some, it’s a distant dream. To the Dream Achiever, it is not optional.

So here are some more basic ways to add value to your market:
Give away free samples.
Train people to succeed before they pay you any money.
Do testimonials for people you want to meet or network with.
Do a weekly Q & A on something you love talking about (besides how great your company is!!!)

There really are hundreds of ways to add value…but if you write this down, it will be easy.

The NEW definition of marketing is the process of adding more in use value than cash value received with the intent to inspire, empower and build long term relationships based on the needs, wants and desires of others and not our own.

What I found in my pursuit of living by this new Attraction Marketing model was that it all came down to being willing to serve others. If I could find my happiness in helping other people succeed, I would easily get everything I wanted out of my online business.

Have fun, follow your passion and serve others without any connection to what they can do for you and the world will bend to your wishes.

Let’s see where else this powerful post can take us! Enjoy!

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  1. Danny Arrington on December 6th, 2008

    Hey! This is Danny and I wanted to say thank you for spreading the word. It’s true. The key to success at ANYTHING in life is learning to ask yourself the right questions:
    What can I do for my market today?
    How can I elevate the quality of the relationships I am involved in?
    What can I do for YOU right now that will move you one step closer to YOUR goal?

    These are the questions that life’s Champions ask themselves.

    You will see the balls of fire that will briefly light up the night sky with their intense display of ego and wit and self promotion. I am not saying that you cannot get paid that way.

    But those flames burn out. The winners seek to make winners of others….forever. And they build businesses that win in any environment because they are built on relationships.

    Thank you for being you.
    Danny Arrington

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