Olympic Dream: Riding to Glory

Beijing Olympic Games is just around the corner. The event will officially starts on August 4 until 24, 2008. Today I read about this guy, Azizul Hasni Awang, who is a cyclist age 20 and a medal prospect for Malaysia and a possible gold! You better believe it. It will be history in the making. “Malaysia Boleh!” Why is so?

He has triggered much furore and admiration in the build-up. For record, Azizul has beaten Dutch two-time world champion Theo Bos, reigning Olympic champion Ryan Bayley of Australia and his compatriot and idol Josiah Ng in competitions leading up to the Olympics.

The International Press has given a nickname to Azizul, the 20-year old double Asian keirin and sprint champion from Dungun, Terengganu, “Pocket Rocket Man”. If you need to know about Azizul, get in touch with him at his “Pocket Rocket Man” blog. On his day, Azizul explodes into an unstoppable rhythm. His style has drawn superlatives from critics, believers in the fact that he is a rider born to be a sprinter. One thing I am impressed with him is that not only he is a “rocket man” but he like blogging too to share his experience. Keep it up Azizul, make Malaysians proud and let’s create history and glory.

Azizul is from a bad boy on track to ride an Olympic glory in Beijing! Go! Go! Go!

Latest News: Azizul has been handed the honor of being the nation’s flag-bearer for the opening ceremony.

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  1. jojo on July 16th, 2008

    thanks a lot for the post..support me and team all the way in Beijing 2008..pray from Malaysian will lead us to bring medal to our beloved country..

  2. roslimh on July 17th, 2008

    Hi jojo,

    Nice to hear from you. No worries, insyaAllah we will support you all the way from Malaysian. Yesterday Astro just launched 12 interactive live channel for the coming Games in Beijing. I will glued to them and see the progress.

    Sent my regards to all the team members and wish you guys “All the best and make doa, insyaAllah for the success and the elusive gold!”.

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