Malaysia General Election 2008

I think Malaysia General Election 2008 is very very very near. Why? Because today, I see the weather and the wind blowing to that direction. (he! he! he!). Today almost all Newspapers in Malaysia have covered this hot topic in town “General Election”.

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Malaysia General Election 2008 News is also hot topic at Yahoo!Malaysia


  • Malaysia launches big-budget development projects before elections

AP – Tuesday, February 12

Malaysia’s government pledged Monday to lure more than US$100 billion (?70 billion) of investments to a jungle-clad state on Borneo island _ the latest in a series of heavily publicized economic initiatives ahead of elections expected next month.

  • Malaysia’s leader keeps nation in suspense over election date

    AP – Monday, February 11

    Malaysia’s leader refused to confirm speculation Sunday that Parliament would be dissolved Feb. 13 to pave the way for general elections, the national news agency reported.

So I think Pak Lah will dissolve the Parliament by tomorrow, February 13, 2008! (Ahah…just my guess…watch the prime news tonight! to confirm.).

Why February 13?

Political observers have said Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi might choose that date because 13 is his favorite number and it would fit with expectations that polls would be held in early March.

Abdullah told a news conference during a visit to northern Penang state that “if you want to link (Parliament’s dissolution to) No. 13, you can link,” the Bernama news agency reported.

“Yes, I like that number because nobody wants it because of superstition,” Bernama quoted Abdullah as saying. “Since nobody wants No. 13, I take it.”


Since the election is around the corner, why not check your Electoral Roll here. It is interesting now since Our Malaysian General Election is concurrent with the US Presidential Campaign. The air is getting hotter now! Will there be a change in Malaysia as Barack Obama are saying in the US. That is to be seen. I smell a festival season in this coming General Election. A lot of speeches, a lot of issues, a lot of money and definitely a lot of stories for my blog.

Will Barisan Nasional win again? Or Will PAS win this time?


Or this time will be DAP’s year? Or Will Anuar and Keadilan prevail?

All will be answered by 8 March 2008.

Read the above post.

Before you go just to ease your mind before the Polling day, view this video and ponder about the lovely song . . . .

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