Fuel price hike: Change your life style.

Guys, I came across this Facebook group “1 Million Malaysian who are sick of the RM2.70/liter Petrol Price” very interesting. Majority of Malaysians are still shocked to the latest price increased. This social-networking website is created and each day many people have joined the group.

Malaysians are unhappy with the government’s decision. What should we do? According to one of the group member, there are few tips to follow if one need to save money due to this fuel price hike. These are the tips posted by Karl Ngun, from 1 Million Malaysian who are sick of the RM2.70/liter Petrol Price facebook group with a discussion topic “You all are complainers . . . . just walk your talk!”

  • Ride bicycle to school and work – RM200 savings a month
  • No more mamak – RM100 savings a month. Bring your own food to work. Another RM200 savings a month.
  • Don’t go to movies – just get your shows from the local DVD supplier. RM100 savings a month.
  • No more internet – RM88 savings a month.
  • No more Astro – RM80 savings a month.
  • No handphone – RM150 savings a month. Use public phone or just borrow from your friends!
  • Brush your teeth only once a day – as toothpaste is not cheap or just use “miswak” or”kayu sugi”.
  • Eat wind for breakfast.
  • Drink plain water for lunch.
  • Eat one loaf of bread for dinner!
  • If you need money and you do not have enough, consider breaking your arm for insurance claim.
  • Only eat rice and good food during festive seasons.
  • No more air-conditioning.

So the total savings of RM980 a month!!! There you go, good job my friend. Now you could save all your hard earn money for your future.

Now visit this blog, http://cheahmad.blogspot.com/, and view this enterprising movie, “Ubah Gaya Hidup” – Change Your Life Style.

Wait . . . .

Now, let’s compare the price with other Oil-Producing Countries:
Why? Because Malaysia is an Oil-Producing country

  • UAE – RM1.19/liter
  • Egypt – RM1.03/liter
  • Bahrain – RM0.87/liter
  • Qatar – RM0.68/liter
  • Kuwait – RM0.67/liter
  • Saudi Arabia – RM0.38/liter
  • Iran – RM0.35/liter
  • Nigeria – RM0.32/liter
  • Turkmenistan – RM0.25/liter
  • Venezuela – RM0.16/liter
  • and MALAYSIA – RM2.70/liter

If you think you wanna to save more drive this new convertible

And according to a blogger friend, Captain Yusof Ahmad aka The Ancient Mariner, simply go Back to Basics . . . . . .

“My Wife complains that I never take her

to expensive places . . . . .

so last night I took her to a petrol station!”

Lastly this is the message from our Prime Minister and his Deputy on how we should change our life style.

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