Who Else Wants Inspiration? and What is Inspiration?

Inspiration can be an amazing thing. When you’re in the flow of it the feeling is one of the best things on earth. When you’re outside of mind inspiration and struggling with it you feel deeply frustrated and useless. So what do you do if you have a creative business and you need to be creating? As a business owner and a part-time blogger I know exactly how this feels and have to find ways to get away from the frustration and into inspiration.

I work on the regular marketing and business activities that need updating and some attention of their own. I use to try to push the inspiration out of me but now I just go with the flow and do what I can do and that is good for the business too.

Yes, there are times when I need to come up with new techniques for particular marketing strategy but instead of trying initially for something out of the box I go for something that totally out of proportion. I find that once I get started things improve and ideas start coming to me. Then I start making new strategies that are inspired and original.

I know when I am writing it can sometimes be 99% effort and 1% inspiration and that is fine – it is the idea that matters and it is the skill of a writer to bring it into reality.

So when you’re struggling with inspiration let go lightly and work on something that will allow ideas to come and be explored without tension. Give inspiration the chance to come in its own time and way. Figure out what are your triggers for inspiration and creativity and what makes it stay away. Once you start understanding how your creative muse works you can make your life much easier. For me it is about being happy, enjoying life, seeing beauty and being relaxed. So putting myself into this space by taking pressure of myself is a great solution.

Write down a list of things that work for you and things that don’t work for you, so you can bring about a creative and inspirational environment to do what you need to do. Empower yourself by knowing yourself.

Another thing is that when one talks about inspiration, one talks about getting it. They talk of where it can be found or how it can be discovered and what is the fastest way to get it. Some people sit in their “special” place or have a certain time where they believe inspiration occurs quite often. Others read a certain book or wear a particular piece of clothing, all these things done in the search for inspiration. This is not the type of inspiration I speak of.

The inspiration I speak of is not in a book or clothing or place, it is in your child. It is, I believe, a natural occurrence in children that happens without props or anything special. It actually seems to ooze out of them in a most natural way. It always seems as well to turn up at the most inconvenient times. Our biggest problem is to teach them to live with it and enjoy it. Our next biggest challenge is for us to get by the inconvenience of it and not succumb to the temptation to quench this mystery. For if we do let ourselves be tempted and in the name of busy-ness life style stifle this inspiration, what can often happen next is the slow demise of your child’s dreams and we have too much of that already.

Now you say come on this is pretty harsh but ask yourself the question, “What did your parents do and are you living your dream”. Was inspiration a part of your life? Were you allowed to explore your inspirations?

So how do you do this properly? Well not being a clinical child psychologist or anything like that, just a plain old dad of a blended family of five, I have a few suggestions.

Remember. Remember what it was like to be a child and look at everything brand new and help your child see their world that way.

The golden rule. Treat your child like you would treat yourself. With caring, kindness and compassion. They can be like a delicate flower and so can we.

Vision. Teach them that vision and then mission are natural outcomes of inspiration.

Work. Teach them that much inspiration can come after much work and that although work is not the be all to end all, it must be done and it helps to enjoy it.

Love. It almost goes without saying, love them and nurture them. Like little flowers in the wind they sometimes need you to watch over them, but not too close.

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