Successful Mission: What is the secret of Turkey’s success?

Wow! fantastic, bravo, unbelievable, miracles, you name it. Did you see the match? Euro2008 quarterfinal match between Croatia and Turkey. No doubt it was shown live in Malaysia at the wee hours, 2:45am, but my eyes are glued to the screen due the lively game.

So the question is, What is the secret of Turkey’s success?

What interest me is the spirit shown by the Turks. It is simply unbelievable. If you saw the game, don’t you think so? Certainly all the turks players have a mission statement before the match. This is a superb example of the Successful Mission shown on the playing field.

Even the Croats coach, Slaven Bilic, admitted there was “something special” about the Turkish side after their thrilling win at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion on Friday night. Turkey’s run to the semi-finals of UEFA EURO 2008™ has been sensational but what is the secret of their success – and can they reproduce it against Germany in Basel next Wednesday? Guys, please do not miss this game. It’s going to be sensation.

This is what being written about them at euro2008 website.

Crowning glory
Then the crowning glory against Croatia – Semih Senturk driving in via a deflection in the last second of extra time to force penalties. It was Turkey’s first shoot-out at a major tournament but they looked like old hands as Arda, Semih and Hamit Altintop scored before Rustu Recber saved from Mladen Petric to spark the celebrations. Having got this far, Turkey now face the might of Germany with Emre As?k, Tuncay Sanl?, Volkan Demirel and Arda all suspended in addition to injuries to Emre Gungor, Servet Cetin, Emre Belozoglu and Tumer Metin. Terim said in his post-match news conference there should be no limits to his team’s success but can they overcome Germany to reach the final? And what is the secret behind Turkey’s success? Click below to let us know your thoughts

sevit18 – 21/06/2008 17:07
It’s not just the team spirit or luck that helps us to win, prayers for our national team take an important place in the victory as well. We did great and I hope it will continue against the German team too. TURKEY our hearts and prayers are with you. Go on to roar!!!

hifz – 21/06/2008 17:20
They are doing miracles and I’m loving it. I believe if their suspensions weren’t the issue, they could even outrun GERMANY!!!!!!! But I guess still they can get it with their counter attacks…….and pray for NIHAT back!!!!!!!!!!

SKizilgul – 21/06/2008 16:58
Answer is concentration, limited time always lets you focus on the matter, and for the same reason (lack of concentration) at the other team, Croatians were just waiting for the game to end then probably were planning where to celebrate – they were not focused on keeping ball … But Germans did a good job against Portugal, and probably will not allow this to happen for the fourth time in a row, GO TURKIYE

berge7 – 21/06/2008 16:51
The secret is easy , it is summarized in just 4 letters LUCK ,and pure luck . The Turkish fans are proud of themselves that they fight to the last minute, and to that I do not argue one bit. I agree 100%. But fighting to the last minute, although a courageous trait , doesn’t always win you matches. Why hasn’t Turkey not once led the game from the start? Why can’t they be leading a team from the beginning of the game? Having the fighting spirit is essential in any game and the Turks have a lot in that department. But sometimes no matter what you do, you need to have lady luck on your side. In the last 3 matches of Turkey, lady luck was sitting in the Turkish tribunes.

DELTAMEGA – 21/06/2008 16:34
The thing is simple what you do against them they can do it better than you. The main idea is they got the most brilliant players like any great team. All the goals they scored are not just lucky goals they are very very good goals and these goals are not even easy to score for the world’s greatest strikers like Ronaldo and others. If the opponents defend good against them they defend even better. If the opponents try to have ball possession they show them even more ball possession. If the opponent team try to attack, they show more attacking game than the opponent. The final thing is that they take the game as a challenge.

So guys, what are your comments. Kindly share with me here. This Euro2008 is getting very interesting at this stage.

Before that view this thriller and miracles . . . .

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