Ramadan the month of Mercy

Last night after isya’ prayer I went straight home and grabbed the Fathilat Amal (Teaching of Islam) and read a beautiful Hadith. I am still thinking of what I have done about a year ago during Ramadan. And this is my last year post regarding Ramadan: “Ramadhan, the month of fasting for Muslims” so today I would like to refresh my memory again and pledge to Allah and may Allah grant me strength and steadfastness to make this year Ramadan a better Ramadan for me and for my family, insyaAllah.

Last night this is the beasutiful Hadith that I read,

Abu Hurairah radi’allah’uanhu relates that Rasulullah s.a.w. said, “My ummah (people) were given five things which were not given to anyone except them. For them, the smell from the mouth of a fasting person is more sweeter in the sight of Allah than the fragrant smell of musk; On their behalf the fish in the sea seek forgiveness until they break their fast; Allah prepares and decorates a special garden in Jannah (heaven) everyday and then says (to it): ‘The time is near when My faithful servants shall cast aside the great trials (of the world) and come to you.’; In this month of Ramadan the evil-minded syaitan (devil) is chained so as not to reach unto those evils to which they normally reach during other months besides Ramadan; On the last night of Ramadan they are forgiven.”

The sahabah thereupon inquired, “O’ Rasulullah (Messenger of Allah) s.a.w., is that last night Laylatul Qadr?” Rasulullah s.a.w. replied, “No, But it is on right that a servant should be given his reward on having completed his service.”

Subhanallah, what a beautiful Hadith.

The Commentary:

Rasulullah s.a.w. mentions in the Hadith five such presents from Allah which were not granted to the fasting people before Islam. If only we can truly appreciate how great this bounty from Allah realy is, and if only we could sincerely try to gain those special favors. Firstly, we are told that the smell from the mouth of the fasting person is more beloved and sweeter in Allah’s sight than the smell of musk.

Fasting is one of the most accepted forms of ibadah (prayers) in Allah’s sight. For this reason the Hadith states that the reward for every deed is brought by the angels but Allah says, “The reward for fasting, I myself will give, because it is for Me alone.”

The second special favor is the fish in the sea make Istighfar (forgiveness) for hin who fasts. The aim here is to explain that many beings including the angels, the animals offer prayer on his behalf who fast. Subhanallah what a great bounty.

The third favor bestowed on the fasting person is that Jannah (heaven) becomes decorated for them. As an example, we know that when a great person is expected to arrive, a great care is taken in the preparations for his coming. It is similar to a person fasting in Ramadan.

The fourth favor is that the rebellious, evil sowing syaitan are chained (detained) as a result of which evil is diminished. So in the month of Ramadan we have a great desire for ibadah, insyaAllah.

The fifth favor is that forgiveness is granted on the final night of Ramadan; because of this great favor the sahabah thought that, it must be Laylatul Qadr, they knew the great blessings of that night and accordingly asked whether that was Laylatul Qadr. The reply was that is was not. This is merely the favor granted for having given Ramadan its due right to the end.

So let us put our mind to it, to the blessed month of Ramadan and may Allah give us strength and good health through out the month of Ramadan so that we could make a lot of Ibadah and get all the rewards from Allah. Amin. Also never forget to know about the 10 great goals to set for this Ramadan.

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  1. hadian on August 29th, 2008

    happy shaum my moeslem brother 😉

  2. roslimh on September 8th, 2008

    Hadian: Same to you, happy shaoum and happy making a lot of duas and ibadah, insyaAllah.

  3. alziik on September 18th, 2008

    May Allah reward you richly for sharing such knowledge with us. Happiest and fruitful Ramadan insallah.

  4. roslimh on September 19th, 2008

    Bro. alziik,

    InsyaAllah let’s pray together may Allah grant us baraqah and steadfastness in this deen of Allah. Make a lot of Dua in this Ramadan so that we could be the ahlil-Jannah insyaAllah. Now we left the last quarter of Ramadan, so let’s pray hard to find the Laylatul-Qadr.

    Jazakallah for visiting.

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