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To All My Muslim friends, today I would like to share regarding a good cause on the Internet for The Ummah. I was approached by HalfDate admin to post this cause.

Okay, what is HalfDate all about?

HalfDate is inspired by the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and prayer be upon him) where he called us to be part of the solution even if our contribution is as small as half a date, or a pleasant word.

“Save yourself from the (Hell) Fire even with half a date (to be given in charity). And if you do not find a half date, then with a good pleasant word.” – Collected by Al-Bukhari

**HalfDate is MERELY a promotion site for good deeds, not a not-for-profit organization.**

HalfDate goal is to utilize the means that Allah (swt) has given us (you + the Internet) to do something good for this life and the hereafter, insyaAllah.

As you can see, HalfDate is not only about monetary donation drives, because in Islam, the concept of Sadaqa (charity) is much broader than that.

Narrated by Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “To judge justly between two persons is regarded as Sadaqa, and to help a man concerning his riding animal by helping him to ride it or by lifting his luggage on to it, is also regarded as Sadaqa, and (saying) a good word is also Sadaqa, and every step taken on one’s way to offer the compulsory prayer (in the mosque) is also Sadaqa and to remove a harmful thing from the way is also Sadaqa.” -collected by Al-Bukhari

HalfDate DateDream:

  • Working together to get a specific task done even with our differences
  • Reviving the broad concept of Sadaqa
  • Putting the neglected (non-sizzling/boring) causes to the center stage
  • Incorporating fun, creativity, and ingenuity into philanthropy
  • Nourishing both the contributors and the beneficiaries
  • Leading the research and development efforts of Islamic philanthropy

O ye who believe! Enough day-dreaming, it’s time for Date Dreaming!

Let’s show Allah some real work. Help with your supplications, money, expertise, word of mouth and influence.

May Allah (swt) grant you the sweetest date in Jannah.

This post being extracted from the HalfDate website. Visit HalfDate today for the good cause of Muslim ummah.

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