Rise of Silver Bloggers in Malaysia

Yesterday I read an interesting article in The News Strait Times with the title “Rise of silver bloggers”. It says “Forget coffee shops, gardening and crossword puzzles. Blogging, often considered the domain of the young, is gaining a foothold as a new leisurely option for the middle-aged and senior citizens alike”.

This is a way to share wisdom and experience with fellow readers and friends online. Nowadays The Internet and its tools like social networking sites and blogs are not just for the younger generations. The middle-aged and senior citizens, are also fast in adopting such modern communication tools for various reasons like socializing, sharing past experience and many more reasons. The topics of these blog are diversified, reflecting the wisdom, experience and many moods of these silver bloggers.

This article is gathered from http://www.nst.com.my/techNu and feel free to read it in full here.

So in today’s world, blogging is no more an alien thing to many but it is still to those who does not want to change and to learn the new trade.

If you are interested in knowing more what blogging is all about, sit back and read further the Winning Tips to Start Blogging.

Web logging or blogging to many is one of the newest ways for net users to express and air their opinions, ideas, insights, and just about anything that they want to share with other people who may find their sentiments interesting or in some means similar to what they have been experiencing. Web logging is a potentially powerful feature that comes in very dynamic forms and styles. The manner that you create your own web log depends on your own creativity and ingenuity. But generally, the following tips below are some of the most common steps that web loggers take.

  1. Think about what you want to write. Whether you are writing for the passion of writing or you want to educate or inform other people, or probably do business with your web log, the fact remains that you have to think about the topic that you wish to write. By knowing what you want to write, it is going to be a lot easier for you to start writing the web log.
  2. If you have insufficient knowledge about what you want to write, then it is suggested that you make a research and seek for additional help with what you will be writing. People who first started working on their own web logs did the same thing. After all, it is never wrong to seek help from people whom you know are far knowledgeable than you are.
  3. Make sure that you come up with web log contents that is both interesting to you and the potential readers that you will be having. The web log that you create is not solely going to be for your eyes only. It is, as a matter of fact, going to become a common and public domain once it is launched on the net. Essentially, then, you need to make a log that is going to be of interest then to other people as well.

Learn it more here on how blogging is not only tools to express feeling or experience but as a marketing tool too.

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