Super Tuesday after great Super Bowl

Yesterday, I give myself a break and guess what, I give myself a great favor. That is sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl. Did you catch it? If you don’t, well, you missed the most dramatic Super Bowl ever. The Giants broke the heart of many Patriots at the final minute of the fourth quarter to be Super Bowl XLII Champion.

Early this morning before I went off to work I did tuned into CNN and BBC News and found out that today is the Super Tuesday for The US Presidential Campaign 2008. Wow! What a super week for us all.

Who is leading, who is trailing? Tuned to your News channel end of today to find out. As of now see here for latest updates on Super Tuesday. Some political analysts are saying “popular does not mean more delegates!” This statement is very interesting to be known, so catch the excitement of the Super Tuesday in the internet or via your News channel. Will it be another upset like The Giants upset The Patriots in yesterday’s Super Bowl? To be seen in the next few hours.

Get the excitement here today for the great Super Tuesday.

The election excitement will continue in my country Malaysia, because we will have our own general election either this month or next month. All are waiting for our Premier to trigger the button! Read what is said today, The Prime Minister has “found the inspiration” on when to hold the general election and it is only a matter of deciding the date. Wow! really a great Super Week!Get The Results here.

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