Talk Show with Dr. Irfan Khairi and Dr. Azman Chin (CNI)

Yesterday at Radio24 The Talk Show was a success. The guess speaker was Dr. Azman Chin, an MLM Leader from CNI.

In brief I would like to highlight here about the topic that was discussed.

Azman Chin said in order to be Successful in MLM one need to have

> 3 important goals:

a. Short term goal
b. Middle term goal
c. Long term goal

> Then one need to be knowledgeable. Always upgrade oneself.

> MLM business model is good for people who want to have a business on their own with a real small capital. This business model is good to create a positive mindset to one individual and have the self believe that he could succeed.

> Communication is very important if one need to succeed in MLM Business. Always be prepared to talk and communicate. Effective communication is a must in all businesses.

> How to overcome rejection in MLM? One must have focus to succeed and always tell your love ones of what is your goal in doing this business and get their 100% support. Without their support you are going to FAIL in this business model.

> Join an MLM company who has the clear goal to Success, an established MLM business company and registered with the local Authority and have an AJL licence (example in Malaysia). Build your credibility of becoming a great MLM marketer with one company. Do not jump to any other company without establish yourself first in the business.

> Always learn how to handle working pressure in doing this business. Pressure could come from every angle. To Azman Chin, PRESSURE is an accent for you to SUCCEED in this business model. Always have the attitude to proof your critics wrong.

> Do NOT EVER to show-off when doing this business. Gradually upgrade yourself to show to your prospect how to do this business in a systematic and successful manner. Use the A-B-C strategy. What is A-B-C?

        A – Advisor                B – Bridge                 C – Customer

Your upline as advisor, you yourself as the Bridge, to your prospect or customer. This is the model for a newcomer to this business.

> For a start, have a list of prospect. What type of prospects needed for this business?

You could categorize your prospects to 3 groups:

a. As Supporters
b. As good listerners
c. As no good listerners

Azman Chin said one need to become “A Doctor in A Battlefield”. Save people who are really in needs and leave a 50-50% chance person as side but comeback to them later. This is just to motivate yourself and be focus in this business.

> When you are motivated and committed to do this business, you need to have K.A.S.H.

        K – Knowledge               A – Attitude                   S – Skill                   H – Health

You need to upgrade your knowledge to do this business, have a right and good attitude, attained a good skill and a great health to become a Successful MLM business builder or owner.

Here are some finer tips that I gather during the Talk yesterday.

All the Best and do not forget to stay tune to Radio24 at 93.9FM next week Thursday for another great guess speaker.

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