Deadly Business Mistakes to Avoid

Hey guys, today I was buzzed by a friend, who said that Daniel Scocco just released a new report worth a read on his blog site.

“10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid”

It’s a very short report, so easy to read, but contains some great info. I like to share this common mistake that we do, and I am going to admit that 4 years back I did the same mistake.

One of the mistake is “Lacking money focus

The Internet is certainly erupting with opportunities. All it takes is an idea and passion to build a website around it, and in a matter of months you could have a real business on your hands. Curiously enough, this abundance of opportunities is also what leads many online entrepreneurs to fail. How come? Because they end up trying to pursue too many things at the same time.

They start several blogs, promote affiliate programs, create mini websites for AdSense and offer consulting services on top of that. As a result, they end with average, if not mediocre results in each of these activities. If you want to create something powerful, you need to concentrate your efforts on it. This is true for most things in life. Just think about light. When you have dispersed light beams, they are not that strong. When you concentrate the light beams, however, they become very powerful. So powerful that they can cut steel! This is the concept behind the laser.

Testing with different business models and ideas is ne, but once you decide what direction you want to go, you will need to focus all your time and energies on it.

As you probably know, the online market place is a crowded one. You have thousands of blogs in every niche, hundreds of websites in every segment and dozens of online companies offering similar services. If you want to be pro table, you need to be the best at what you do, and you will only achieve that if you have a laser sharp focus.

This obviously does not mean that you will need to stick with one project for the rest of your life. If you grow your business effectively there will be a point in time where it will pretty much stand alone, and you will be able to step back and pursue new ideas. Until you reach that point, however, you need to focus ALL your time and energies on that single project.

Get to know more by grabbing your copy now – 10 Deadly Business Mistakes to Avoid Link

Take just a few minutes now from your day to read his free report, you will be glad you did and you will thank me later!

Have a great day,
Rosli Hanip

My little advise to you:
Overall I still believe there are no shortcuts to success. Whether you work for a corporation or have your own small business, if you want to succeed you’ll need to work your butt off. If you have your own online business, on the other hand, all your sweat will go into something that you actually own. If you hit a home run, you’ll collect all the profits, and you can also decide to sell the whole business down the road.

OK, grab the free report today!

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