Article Writing Versus List Building

I would like to share one interesting article that I read today. The author is Gary Baker

There is a very close relationship between writing an article and building an opt-in list. Article writing is a skilled technique to convince the target.

For example let us say that a person writes an article to send it through an email campaign, so that people visit his website and/or opts-in for a newsletter.

The direct target of this person is to perform in such a way so that people who read the email may immediately be convinced that they should join the newsletter. So, coming to the point, the article written in the email body should be powerful.

After reading your email article, if people think that you are saying the truth and they feel it internally by heart, along with relevant facts outlaying the benefits and value of the products you are promoting, then more than likely, this means that your article is excellent and more people will respond to join your opt-in list.

So, this is the main reason behind the close relationship of article writing and list building.

The first email written for an email campaign should be a welcome email. This step should also never be ignored. If possible, please include free giveaway products, coupons, etc.

Another thing to remember is that while writing the article for email campaigns, take care in using something unique and different in the subject line.

Todays human being has the mentality of using common sense and psychological ideas, before taking action.

When anyone checks his inbox, he will first of all directly read the subject and delete without going further through your mail, if his psychological idea says that it’s a spam.

This is the reason why you should use unique and different subject lines. If a visitor comes to your website or receives an email from you looking for information and doesn’t sign up to receive your e-mails, you may miss an opportunity to turn that customer into cash.

So write the best articles and get the more customers to your list, whether it’s a website or email campaign.

Happy list building!

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