First Malaysian shall be in space on Oct 10, 2007

The Angkasawan Programme is the Malaysian national programme to send the first Malaysian to space. The Angkasawan will carry out scientific researches on board the space station. I am as Malaysian am very proud with the courage shown by these two young guys, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor and Dr. Faiz Bin Khaleed. (Read their profile here: Meet The Angkasawan)

These 2 being selected after going through various test from thousand of candidates. The final selection process are as follows:

Event 1
3.5 km run in 20 minutes
27th August & 3rd September 2005
435 took part, 199 qualified


Event 2
Basic Medical Examination based on NASA Program Criteria (including eye examination and urine testing)
27th August & 3rd September 2005
194 were tested, 59 passed


Event 3
Aeromedical 1 (including blood, nose & ear, X-ray, heart (ECG) test)
25th & 30th September 2005
59 were tested, 27 passed


Event 4
Aeromedical 2 (including bone, air passage and centrifuge test)
16th & 21st January 2006
27 were tested, 18 passed


Event 5
Overall assessment based on performance in Events 1 & 4 and psychiatric, psychology, land and sea survival and technical competence.
16th 24th January 2006
10 were tested, 8 passed


Event 6
Medical Examination (including CT Scan, endoscopy and blood analysis)
25th & 26th January 2006
10 were tested, 8 passed


Event 7
Overall assessment based on performance in all the events covering all aspect in communication expertise, character, forwardness and determination.
February 2006, 8 were assessed, 4 will be sent to Moscow for further medical examination.


Event 8
Medical examination in Russia including neurology (brain) and body adaptation in microgravity environment).
March 2006, 4 tested, 2 selected for training.


Event 9
Training in Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre, Russia.
September 2006-October 2007

1 will be selected to fly to the International Space Station. The other will act as his back up


Event 10
October 2007
Blast off!

Read more about this program here:


View the historical event live here on Oct 10, 2007 between 9:00pm to 10:00 +8:00 (Malaysian time) or on Astro Channel 588

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