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Guys, today I read about the new Sony Reader PRS-505 which the electronic book for bookworms. The sleeker and more stylish second generation of the Sony Reader is a hardcover replacement. Is that so? We have to wait and see. Sony said the electronic book with enough memory to hold up to 160 novels is due to go on sale in the UK tomorrow. Wow! to those in the UK, check this out and share your review here. Today I look around on the internet and found this Sony Digital Reader at its website with a slogan “Always have the perfect book – wherever, whenever.

Before you buy, just read the review here, Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505, and this is a good one. . . .

Saying the gadget will “revolutionize reading”, Sony’s spokesman declared: “What the Walkman did for music on the move, the Reader is about to do for books.”

May I change it a bit, “It is tip to do for books what the iPod did for music…” Am I right? It is reported that Model Lily Cole launched the Sony Reader at a Waterstone’s store in London ahead of the nationwide release of the £200 gadget. Wow! could we afford it? Looking at 160 books storage, I think it is worth buying, especially is you are a bookworm.
On her review, Miss Cole, 20, who is about to begin reading social and political sciences at King’s College, Cambridge, said: “In these extremely fast-paced times it’s hard for book lovers like me to read on the go. This device allows me the freedom to carry around hundreds of books all under one cover.” But the British Library said the gadget was unlikely to kill off the traditional paper book. A book lover said, “We as the book lovers and pleasure readers would not give up the traditional paper book for an electronic gadget”, which I do agree. Reading a traditional paperback book is more fun but on the other side sometime technology does help to ease our daily life.

Guys, if you need a closer look on this gadget, here is how it looks like. Do you like it? If you are in the UK, get it tomorrow at £200 a piece. Also read about this, “Can eBooks really conquer the world?

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  1. iva on September 12th, 2008

    great gadget. for one, the ease of not having to carry heavy books around is a catch.. plus the portability.. not to mention, it looks cool..

  2. Labanon on September 12th, 2008

    Wow.. great for ebook industry soon 😉

  3. roslimh on September 12th, 2008

    Hi iva & labanon,

    Indeed it is a great gadget: portable, sleek, huge memory and I like your forward thinking, labanon, surely it will boost the ebooks industry.

    The market will boom soon. Am waiting to be here in Malaysia.

  4. R. Bellamy on December 14th, 2009

    I really like the new look and feel of K2. Unlike K1, it’s thinner and consistent in size; nice brush steel look on the back. The plastic seems better quality and more sturdy, although I wish they offer other colors. The K2 seems heavier. The side buttons depress inward thus preventing from inadvertent page turns when handling. The screen does refresh faster, the screen is crisper. I just sold my K1 today to a friend after he noticed my K2. I am very happy with the purchase. I still buy physical books sometimes, but nothing beats this for function, especially for travelers like me. 🙂 Hope this helps.

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