Are you going to say “YES” 4G Wimax?

Hey guys,

For the past weeks, I have been hearing this question, Are you going to say ‘YES’? At first I am a bit amused with the question and then I realized they are asking about the new YTL Communications, the newest player in the wireless broadband sphere. Calling it ‘4G’ technology, it promises high-speed Internet nearly everywhere you go for cheap and all-you-can-eat!

At the official launch November 19, YTL’s Yes 4G WiMAX service unveiled the prices with prices starting at 2.64 sen per MB for data usage totalling 2.5GB and below. The prices vary according to usage, where the more you use, the cheaper the rate per MB. At 3GB, the rate is 2.25 sen per MB and at 4GB or more, it comes to 2.10 sen.

The “Yes” wireless Internet and voice service is said to be as much as 5 times faster than most users’ current 3G network. The new WiMax network also allows customers to pick their own ID and number. While we’re sure that greater download speeds are a major factor in the exceeding of business expectations, one can never underestimate the power and promise of personalization played in the buoying the service sign ups. Although it may be an ultimately arbitrary factor for the service provider, the appeal of having a say in one’s own number might be construed as “kinda neat” for customers. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the service is that it will be billed like most utilities, not on a fixed monthly rate, but on an as used basis.

But the real issue in Malaysia is, with this Yes gives a better service than the rest of it kind in the broadband industry. This is yet to be proven and for us to test and to find out. Arrggghhh! As Malaysians we have already been burned by the empty promises of many broadband providers, should we put our trust in YTL?

Guys, let’s not make our own judgment without getting the facts straight and the only way to find out is to try it. As for me, I am staying in Subang Jaya currently I am using P1 Wimax, Maxis broadband and TM Streamyx and all have their advantages and disadvantages.

But I am a happy camper and now I am thinking of saying ‘YES’.

If YTL Communications can live up to their bold claim of providing up to 5 times over 3G existing speeds, then we are really going to be happy campers. TM’s HSBB has already given us a taste of the joy that lightning fast internet speeds can provide, and if YES 4G can do the same for the mobile realm, then we are sold.

In terms of pricing, all we can really say is that we kinda saw this one coming. Sure, a pay-as-you-use system doesn’t sound anywhere near as enticing as the “unlimited” offerings out there, but if YES 4G can provide constant and reliable service, we don’t really see this a being much of a problem. So guys, what say you, let’s try ‘YES’.

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