Favorwatch is a Smart Health platform

is a Smart Health platform that keeps track of the patients, monitoring their vital health information, security and safety. The platform will send the right information to the right people using the preferred messaging channel of their choice at the right time.
It is developed by FAVORIOT who offers an IOT platform specifically designed for any Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The platform is developed to support the integration of data from sensors and actuators on the internet. Collecting and storing data from IOT devices become much easier. Moreover, the platform also helps developers in building vertical applications without worry about the hosting.


What’s new in 2014?

Hello there,

It has been years I am not updating this blog. Hah! What a silly of me to neglect this awesome blog which once a upon a time is my best site to generate contacts, friends, associates and revenue for my online venture.

Never mind thing shall roll back to normal InsyaAllah. Guys, I just want to tell you that since December 2013 I back into physical activities like running, jogging and workouts. Just to build my body strength and stay healthy. Once I am back from Mecca in October 2013 by body deteriorate with high blood pressure and high sugar content. So I decided to be extra active because I found out that the most significant diseases we face today are, for the most part, self-perpetuated. In other words, if we get sick, chances are it was our own fault.

It has been reported that as much as 85 percent of these conditions can be prevented through properly caring for your body.

Prevention is always the best cure.

But guys, I am just an ordinary guy with these three most common excuses for not exercising are:
• Time
• Boredom
• Pain

There is great news here! It turns out that the best kind of exercise is the kind that doesn’t hurt or take that long. Thus, you might even like it.

The Power of 10 Minutes

One of the most encouraging discoveries in the history of the exercise was when they found the power of 10 minutes. In as little as 10 minutes your body begins to function better and increase metabolic processes with benefits that can last as much as 24 hours.

Additionally, 10 minutes twice a day–a morning power walk while praying or meditating followed by an evening bike ride with the family–has all the benefits of 20 straight minutes. Anyone can find 10 minutes.

Okay guys, give it a try… no harm for the effort of just 10 minutes!

running goal

See you later.