A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

This is the new book launched yesterday at MPH MidValley with the title “A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad”. I think it is interesting and am getting one myself today at MPH Subang Parade. I think it is worth to spend RM100 for this book since in the STAR today it is reported by MPH general manager Tai Kwai Meng, that more than 5,000 copies were sold yesterday. Wow! Simply awesome.

As we all know that in his twenty-two years as Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad transformed his country from an agricultural backwater into an industrial powerhouse that would become the seventeenth-largest trading nation in the world. Am I sound like a reporter or a politician. Ha aha!

For your information in case that you have forgotten here are some details about Tun.

Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad ( born 10 July 1925) was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia. He held the post for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, making him Malaysia’s longest-serving Prime Minister, and one of the longest-serving leaders in Asia. Mahathir’s political career spanned almost 40 years, from his election as a Malaysian federal Member of Parliament in 1964, until his resignation as Prime Minister in 2003.

So what are you waiting for, go, go and get the book now!