Persevere And Put In Consistent Hard Work

What is consistency in an Online Business?

Very often, a new person would be enthusiastic when he gets involved in an endeavor. Putting in a 30-hour week for the fisrt few weeks is not an issue at all. The reality sets in. I give an example of a man working in an office. When office work catches up with them, they start to spend more time at the office, and forget about the business for a while. Or they may find that their business is not as easy as they thought it would be. Yes, they want the financial and time freedom it offers, but still, it is not easy to convince people to do the business.

Slowly but surely, they will put in less and less effort. Perhaps they listened to friends who convinced them that life is more than just revolving around work. Why work so hard at the office and yet work harder every day building an online business. They could not resist their friends’ invitation for another game of ‘mahjong’ =) or sessions of happy hours.

Saying this I would like you to view this movie with an open mind.

Okay after seeing the movie, let me proceed here. If you mingle with the wrong people, your dedication to the business will fizzle out. This is the reality. This is also the reason why so many people came into the industry, wanting all the glitter and goodness it offers and yet, when they were unable to get the results they wanted in short period of time, they QUIT. The Secret of Success in the business lies in the CONSISTENCY of Effort.

The Law Of Success is very similar to the law of nature. In order to harvest continuously, we have to sow continuously. If we miss a season of sowing, we will also miss a season of harvesting.

However, it is not fruits or crops that you sow but seeds for a better future and life. If you keep sowing and nurturing the land, one day, the seeds you have sown will turn into a ‘farmer’, and he or she will continue to sow seeds of a better future with his or her friends. That will be the time when you can afford not to sow anymore if you do not wish to. Believe me, most successful people online would not retire, simple because, there is no need for them to do so. Once you get the hang of it, this business becomes very enjoyable, so why retire? =)

From my experience of doing business conventionally and also online businesses, A True Leader or Marketer will emerge after a peak period of activities. Like the saying goes, “There Will Be A Clear Sky After A Storm”.

So in whatever you are doing currently, my advise is to stay FOCUS and PERSISTENT it the accent of your Success.

I would like to highlight here, what the Chartered Institute of Marketing Director said about today’s marketing trend.

Geoff Hurst, said, “Playing by yesterday’s rules is not an option for the modern marketer. Keeping up to date with current thinking and maintaining skills have never been more important.” Most marketing people believe technology is accelerating the rate of change in promotion, however, and Hurst says, “It is interesting to note that a significant majority of marketers is still not making use of the full spectrum of technologies available to help them communicate with customers.”

This is the way to succeed online. All The Best.

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