The Most Obvious Internet Success Secret that many misses

What is the most obvious Internet Success Secret that everyone misses? It is Learning skill. Yes, learning skills are the most important in this arena and of course in any business venture we went to embark on. Without the learning skill, you are shaky, because in two or three months along the rocky highway of the internet world, there are many dynamic changes and this is when, if you are not prepared, your primary stream of income is doomed. I have been into this situation before and I feel almost demoralized but knowing that I am a stubborn nuts, I keep coming back and starts to learn the correct way.

Nowadays you guys are very lucky because there are many gurus out there who are willing to give their first hand tips at a lower cost. During my days when I started in the year 2005, the learning investment is huge. Now it is better for you since the US currency in going down when compared to Ringgit Malaysia.

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Another issue is which many people do not know is about the people. Yes, it is about you, your friends, your neighbor, and me. Why? There are methods to be learned in this business or arena BUT if you do not take ACTION nothing will happen. That is the TRUE fact. It is not about the studying but the METHOD of studying. The moment one guru teach a person how to learn rapidly, and they took off and start achieving amazing results . . . .IF they take ACTION.

The pre-requisites are very simple, and yet many people are lazy and skeptical. They volunteer their first step but they balk at the prospect of moving on because of they realize that there are real costs to the business that they never prepared themselves for.

In this business, it can cost you a lot of money, or it could make you a lot of money. It is your choice.

The fact is, if you do make money, any amount that you spend is just simply an investment. The return on investment (ROI), however, is really up to you to control, assess and decide.

Similarly, it’s not “having” the business, but the method of “managing” the business. Do you know how to run a business? Do you know how to manage your learning so that you can use the strategies? The trouble is that many people do not have the patience to work on the business. They end up working in the business, and that makes the whole business somewhat tedious. So my advise is . . . . .

Keep learning, never stop learning, starts to have strategy and be innovative.

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