Make Your GPS Smarter!

Why not get your GPS or your Smartphone smarter today! How? Read here.

Your GPS is no longer just for navigation. Simply upload our M.A.D. (Motorists Against Detection) speed trap and photo enforcement location database into your GPS and you will be alerted to all known locations. You will receive an audio and visual alert every time you approach an enforcement area.



Specialty POI databases are rapidly transforming point?to?point GPS navigation units into lifestyle essential devices. The addition of the Phantom ALERT database will help you, as navigation device owner to avoid costly tickets, and be a safer driver. Most PNDs are usually stored in the glove box until they are needed for navigation. Now, with the ever increasing proliferation of Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, extensive media coverage and increased ticket costs, some over $400.00; upgrading your device with PhantomALERT and getting it out of the glove box and working for you detecting cameras and speed traps will save you from the unnecessary cost of Red Light Camera & Speed trap tickets! Upgrading your navigation device is simple, affordable and can be done in minutes. The PhantomALERT database is delivered digitally from our website. Just Purchase, Download and Install. If you have any problems our friendly staff is ready to help! We can even log into your screen and walk you through the process in a few simple steps.


We have several subscription plans to meet any customer’s need; all include the base POI database with over 100,00 locations! If you’re in the market for your first or additional GPS device we sell the TOP Brands and Models from GARMIN, TOM TOM, Magellan and More! All nav units come  with a FREE installed version of the PhantomALERT database! Don’t wait any longer! Visit our website: and turn your GPS navigation device into a powerful Red Light Camera and Speed Trap Detector today! And the best is this gadget is 100% legal!

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