Cash in on your talents

Guys, in this current economic situation many people are looking for alternative ways of making money. Some people are contemplating of quitting their job to find a new job with higher salary. My advice is do not do that. As in this current situation, employer tend to tighten their belt and may consider retrench their staffs and may not hire new anyone. If you quit your current job, you may face problem finding a job yourself. So what is the alternatives? Get a second job. Do a work from home chores. So as the title speaks today, “cash in on your talents”, will be the best choice if you consider it wisely.

Example if your hobby is taking high-quality photographs, it may well earn you some passive income. Explore the possibilities to all photographers out there to to sell your photos to the world online. Get this idea into your head with these wordings, “Don’t let the photos sleep in your hard-disk drive or thumb-drive. Let them make some money”.

Same goes if you are a talented writer or your passion is writing, you could earn money in your sleep via royalties from books or songs that you have written. Same goes if you are a chef, writing cookery book is viable to making money and could do it online too via blogging strategies.

So guys there are ways for you to make money with your gifted talent. Do not waste your talent. Make good use of your talent to make money and believe me, if you manage to do that, you will like it and upon time you will quit your 9 to 5 job easily. Why? Because you have convert your passion into money making machine. 🙂 Many people have done it and who know this will be your time.

Today, go home, have a nice shower, sit in front of your mirror and ponder about this post today, “cash in on your talents”

AirAsia offers free flights through Facebook

AirAsia has tapped into social networking site Facebook to reach potential customers. The Travel Wish List application gives Facebookers a chance to win free return seats to Phuket (Thailand) and Langkawi. Guys, why not plan this for the coming year end holiday for the free return flights. At least at this current economy downturn we could go for a budget holiday with AirAsia. 🙂 (my advise is no need to go to overseas, Langkawi will do!)

How to win?

To win one of the 120 return tickets, Facebookers have to install the AirAsia Travel Wish List application on their Facebook profile, share the travel wish list, explain whom you would spend your holidays with and what you would do at the destination and take a simple survey. If you are selected, an AirAsia representative will call and ask you a question. It is simple guys and the free flights promotion ends on December 25, 2008. So hurry and see you in Langkawi or Phuket for free!


Have a good break

Guys, I know that you have just come back from the perfect holiday. It’s been two weeks of sun, sea, sand and pure relaxation. It’s your first day back at work and you are staring at the pile of work on your desk and the countless emails in your inbox. Your colleagues are hounding you for decisions on upcoming projects. You end up feeling more stressed and exhausted than ever. You need another break! (wow so fast). Hahaha! looks like I know what you did last two weeks!! How do I know? I look into my magic bowl (hahaha!)

Sound familiar huh! How then do you prevent this from happening again?

Some tips on how to overcome this.

  1. Prepare early – Schedule your vacation during slower periods at work. Discuss the workload with your colleagues early so that the workload before and after vacation are manageable.
  2. Communication – at least while on vacation, please do check your emails and communicate with your colleagues for any urgent and upcoming matters. At times do entertain SMS from your office for a really urgent matters. If you are holding a managerial post this is important to show that you are responsible person.
  3. Right mindset – You must anticipate the unbelievables if any so that you do not have a breakdown. Deal with things in order of importance and urgency and leave the rest till later. Multitasking in these situations is essential. Do not schedule for any appointment when you are coming back to work.
  4. Lastly -Do not drink coffee at this period of time! Why? Caffeine is a stimulant and could increase work performance, but it could also increase anxiety. Many of us believe that coffee will help us manage stress but too much caffeine can cause a dependence where you feel you need caffeine to have enough energy to function, and when the caffeine wears off, you’re even more tired and need more. Four or more cups of coffee can put you at risk of developing a physical dependence that leads to withdrawal symptoms like headache and intense cravings if caffeine use is discontinued. How I know this? I have experience this and now I never take coffee anymore. Now I like Milo or Hot Chocolate!

Why not get paid to leave a comment?

Guys…this is my first post after a long break for hari raya. How is your hari raya? For me, a great hari raya ever with my family and friends.

Okay…after a week break, I got this message, “Why not get paid to leave a comment?” . . . read here. . .

Everyday, we say something.

We do SMS, chat online, and talk to your friends and family especially on this festive seasons.

What if you got rewarded for your say? Sounds interesting, right, especially in this hari raya.

More than 15,000 young Malaysians and I have been active in this community and I thought you would want to check it out.

How does it work?
* Get paid when you take surveys, as it helps businesses and society serve you better.
* Meet like minds and influence others as you discuss your interests, current issues in the group discussions.
* Get more readers for your blog, as you broadcast interesting statistics of young Malaysians.
* Help young Malaysians with their questions. Or ask one of your own!

It’s actually quite addictive and you can earn money too. The last I checked, members have earned a total of RM 38,522. You have to see it for yourself!

Salam AidilFitri 2008

Today is the last day of Ramadan. With sadness we bid farewell to Ramadan and with jubilation we welcomes Syawal 1429H. To all my dear readers and friends, I am wishing you and your family, “Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin”. I seek for your forgiveness for whatever mistakes that I may have done and for whatever shortcomings this humble blog may have that do not meet your expectations or may have hurt you in whatever reasons.

As muslim we are encourage to go out to look for the new crescent moon. The crescent moon would be visible shortly after sunset, low in the sky, and slightly to the left (south) of where the sun had set. It is a beautiful experience to sight its emergence, and it is a sunnah of our noble Prophet Muhammad, (S.A.W.) that we hope the ummah revives.
Kindly check this website ( for regular updates, moon sighting reports, and additional information on moon sighting. But if we are unable to do so just stay tune to locally TV or Radio to know the exact date of the arrival of Syawal.

Allow me to remind myself and all of you about our parents in this Syawal. We ought to be thankful to them for all reasons we are being born in this beautiful world of Allah. View this great videos . . . .for the remembrance (it is in Bahasa Melayu, which is my mother tongue).

Both videos are from Petronas adverts in the year 2006 and 2007.

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