Your Ultimate Success

Do you know that the elements of ultimate success in Network Marketing are as follows:

  • You must become a leader
  • You must love your business
  • You must attend training (online or offline)
  • You must develop leaders

Guys I could not guarantee your successor failure in your business. No one could. But remember ultimately your failure occurs when and only when you give up.

Then today one of my downline from Indonesia asked me this question: “How to be successful with Internet network marketing?” Wow! What a great question. Right on the bull’s eye 🙂

So I shall elaborate based on what I learn from others too. That is the beauty when you are building your business online.

My answer is simple You will not succeed with your business online unless your downline is able to duplicate your results. But let’s be realistic and address the issue of duplication online by discussing the number one objection that people have to Internet network marketing.

Generally people are saying, “You could not use the Internet to grow your network marketing business without picking up the phone.” That’s 100% wrong. Yes you could! I have done it! and done it with style 🙂

Even my team are doing it right now. I met online many others that are doing it. Now it is true that you could not build a large organizations via network marketing without personal interaction.

I just choose, with my form of network marketing, not to personally interact with my prospects until they sign up and that works for me.

The solution is “You have to have more and more people coming into your system or landing page than offline methods and just train the ones that appear to be serious. Then repeat.

One last tip for today: “Reject rejections, not objections.” You will get objections and that’s good. It just means that your prospects are taking a good look at what you have to offer. Answer objections honestly and let the cards fall where they may. You will be less stressful to build your Internet Network marketing this way.

The Art of Selling by Alec Baldwin

Wow! I got an online training from Alec Baldwin today.

The Art of Selling.

Here are the 15 tips that can help any techie transition into sales:

1. Learn to be comfortable interacting with others and try to develop a comfort level in talking with people you have never met. Joining a couple of social groups such as Toastmasters International that assist all types of professionals in public/group speaking can help.

2. Consider taking a sales course at a nearby college, entrepreneurial center, chamber of commerce or an online class.

3. Develop a strong level of self-confidence in your ability to speak effectively and sincerely about your product or service. Believe that if you convince prospects to become your customers they will be better off because of what you sold them.

4. Seek mentors who have been successful in sales or sales management. Use them to bounce ideas off or and share your enthusiasm for being in sales.

5. Remember: Everyone is a salesperson to some extent and nothing happens in any company — or any relationship — until something is sold. If you are married, you “sold” your wife on marrying you. Competent teachers are salespeople too. They’re selling ideas and concepts to motivate students.

6. Be able to convince your boss (or a senior sales manager in your company) that you are confident in your ability to sell and motivate others.

7. Start by asking your manager if you can assist in a “sales support” role so you can observe how a sales professional handles preparations and objections.

8. Learn to become a good listener — if you are not already — and remember that successful sales professionals cannot sell anything if they don’t listen to and understand the needs of their buyers.

9. Consider the possibility that you may be more qualified than you realize. Technical managers, for example, have sales skills because they are responsible for motivating others, getting projects approved, and selling management on larger budgets or additional tools, to name a few.

10. Find out who your competitors are and examine the merits and pitfalls of their products. You will be selling against them.

11. Know your products and their advantages over those of your competitors (i.e., price, ability to ship, quality, or value-added concepts your company offers).

12. Learn how to use the sales professional’s most valuable tool — the phone and now with Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Be comfortable and confident in what you are saying. Don’t be disappointed by rejection.

13. Be prepared to handle rejection. It’s hard to take in the beginning. Once you gain confidence though, it ought to be a motivator.

14. Learn how to deal with objections to setting appointments or resistance to buying your products, and learn how to ask for an order (close the sale). If there are no objections, there will be no sale. When your prospects ask questions they are asking you to tell them why they should buy.

15. Know that a sale is always being made. Either you sell your prospect on the advantages of buying and a sale is made or your prospect sells you on the reasons for not buying and you lose the deal. Even a commitment for another meeting or follow-up action is a sales commitment which can lead to a sale.

These are tips for a conventional sales person but since I am now doing my business online, get in for the free tips here. Online Business is a thing to do in this current economic situation.

Duplication Secrets

Guys, last night while do some cleaning of my room and also my notebook. I found this great notes from my online guru, Daegan Smith. So I would like to share some of his secrets and also my personal experience here that will help you out along the way in networking.

The home business industry isn’t so much about the big numbers you or I could pull in, it’s about what you or I can help the next person do, so let me share a few secrets that you can use today to help your partners succeed at a higher level.

1. Knowledge duplication: Make sure your knowledge duplicates to it’s fullest extent. What you know will go a lot farther if the guy 10 levels deep can have access to it easily, so make sure everyone on your team knows what you know.


Start a blog (like this one 🙂 ) and post all your home business experience for your team to learn.

Create a team marketing guide with your best practices and be sure to pass it along to all your partners and have them pass it along to all their partners.

Hold live meetings (online via skype or YM) and show and tell. Once a week bring the team together and show them what’s working for you instead of just telling them. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this can be easily achieved these days with webinar software.

2. Make everything super simple: I used to think giving every last detail of everything I knew was important to duplication. It’s not. If you give to much you risk confusing your new team members, so I stick to just sharing the exact PROCESSES and NOT strategies (these are different) to make things easiest for your team to succeed.

Let me explain the difference.

Processes are what to do. Strategies are how and why. Your new team member doesn’t need to fill his or her head with every contingency of what you know to succeed. Keep things simple for them and they will succeed faster.

I try, but sometimes fail, to keep all videos that I share as training less than 5 minutes to make things super simple. You should strive to do the same.

3. Invoke Passion: For your team members to know you care you’ve got to show them. Don’t be afraid to put your heart on the line. Put yourself out there. Leave yourself vulnerable and you’ll gain strength. In all your messages to your team share why what you’re doing together with them is so important.

What it really means to you and, in that, they’ll discover what it means to them.

Be yourself and give all you’ve got. Have a team mission. Share your story and remind your team members of it often.

This business isn’t totally mechanical. It’s built around living human beings just like you, and we need a flame, we need a spark.

You’ve got to be that spark for them. Find the strength in them they didn’t even know they had.

Do these things and you and your partners will thrive.

They’ll carry your energy and sense of community down deep and you’ll have an organization empassioned to grow. When that happens look out . . .

The exact technical strategies behind what I’ve shared with you today that have grown my team in just a few short months are found here:

MLM Success and Failure

Guys, in every business there are only 2 answers. Believe me there are no more than 2. The answer is SUCCESS and FAILURE. This is the truth that each and everyone of us need to know in this world.

This evening as usual I do my online marketing stuffs and looking for more infos online. While ‘sneaking’ here and there online, I found one forum with an interesting thread, “MLM LIES!!! 97% FAIL RATE!!! LIES!!” interesting thread, right? In general people are saying that MLM or Network Marketing business has a 97% fail rate. Big Deal?

But why? (If you have failed at MLM, you don’t get to answer here……I know you are disappointed and you want to make sure that everyone knows that your failure had nothing to do with your inability to gain enough mental leverage on yourself to do what was necessary to figure out an effective sales and recruiting approach…I have heard it many, many or millions times already!)

Regardless of how I feel about people’s sudden lack of personal responsibility when it comes to failing at things, the sad fact remains that 97% are failing. So while I am not one to buy into people’s excuse-making, I also know that the basic business model is pretty messed up if your getting results like that.


It’s very simple. MLM’ers have not learned how to stop CHASING DOWN THEIR TARGET MARKET! For that matter, they don’t even know how to assess who their target market really is!

And even if someone does know how to define who their target market is, many will then go into that market with a big pile of business cards and their nice suit ready to put on a show:

“This company is 21 years old, we are debt free and we have THE GREATEST (insert your thing here) that has ever been in the market….AND we are creating 100 millionaires in the next 24 months! You should come to our meeting at (insert local cheese ball hotel) this Monday night! We have a guest speaker who was a (insert really crappy job here) and now he earns over XXXX per month!”

That is called “chasing”. THAT is why you have your 97% fail rate.

Solution?  I get this from Danny Arrington, One of Law of Attraction Guru, The Secret

Learn to ADD MASSIVE USE VALUE TO YOUR MARKET. (first, you need to know who your target market is and where to find them)

Now, at first this can be difficult. But it’s the difference between chasing a dream and being miserable doing it and having your dream chase you and having a blast.

So what it means to add Massive Use Value?

Danny Arrington explained that Adding Massive Use Value is about finding your passion and having as much fun doing it as you can.

He added, I have a student named Frank Wall. He is in Monavie. He LOVES working out. The first time he called Danny he had NO CLUE how to do anything other than pitch, pitch and pitch some more. He could get so excited about Monavie! And you know what? He has a heart of gold. He really does believe in it. He is in amazing shape and says that his energy level is a result of drinking 2 oz’s per day. Who can argue with that? He is a walking billboard.

But guess what? NOBODY CARES! His family tells him they don’t want to hear about it. All of his friends are sick to death of it. His coworkers have all bought in and then fallen out on him. He is making no money and it’s been over a year!!!

So he calls Danny and wants to know how Danny can help him. Danny told him to describe to his ideal life. He says “I would work out everyday, own a gym, teach people to eat right and get in shape.”

PERFECT! Danny told him to start making videos that teach people how to work out. He looks at Danny like I am crazy. “How is that adding value and making me Monavie sales?”

Danny said “when you teach others how to improve their lives, they become fans and fans want to follow you and do whatever you do.”

He didn’t believe it would work but did it anyway with some hesitation. It’s been 5 months and he now has people all over the country following him around begging to know how to get in the shape he is in….how to eat like him…how to work out like him. He is a legend in the minds of hundreds and hundreds of people.

Now, Frank Wall is at the top of Google for the keyword phrase “atlanta fitness expert”….his video is the first and second spots. He has realized the power of living your life NOW and has also adopted MSI (Multiple Streams of Income) by becoming an affiliate for some workout stuff. He is writing an ebook and has totally expanded his mindset.

So you see, adding massive use value is going to be different for everyone.

Read carefully. Every single one of you has something inside of you that makes you as unique as a snowflake. THIS is your gift FROM GOD and TO THE WORLD. Use it.USE you GOD GIVEN TALENTS!

How would it feel to wake up everyday and simply do what you totally love…only what is worthy of your life. To some, it’s a distant dream. To the Dream Achiever, it is not optional.

So here are some more basic ways to add value to your market:
Give away free samples.
Train people to succeed before they pay you any money.
Do testimonials for people you want to meet or network with.
Do a weekly Q & A on something you love talking about (besides how great your company is!!!)

There really are hundreds of ways to add value…but if you write this down, it will be easy.

The NEW definition of marketing is the process of adding more in use value than cash value received with the intent to inspire, empower and build long term relationships based on the needs, wants and desires of others and not our own.

What I found in my pursuit of living by this new Attraction Marketing model was that it all came down to being willing to serve others. If I could find my happiness in helping other people succeed, I would easily get everything I wanted out of my online business.

Have fun, follow your passion and serve others without any connection to what they can do for you and the world will bend to your wishes.

Let’s see where else this powerful post can take us! Enjoy!

A breakthrough even you are new!

Only 2 weeks ago I am on a new project and the result is definitely satisfying. I am no guru here but I am willing to share my experience based on what I could achieve online. I am just an ordinary old guy online! But the attitude that you must have are willing to learn, willing to take action and willing to teach others. In short you must have L.A.T in you – Learn, Action and Teach 🙂

Guys..some people are successful but they do not want to depart their knowledge. To me the knowledge is not mine so let’s share it all over the globe. Will you? If you want to be successful just stick with me here . . . .

“What is the “entrepreneur’s mindset” and how important is it in building a business?”

I think your mindset IS your business. It denotes where you will go and how quickly you will get there.

So here is how I answered that question.

The entrepreneur’s mindset begins with their excitement about the success to come.

The entrepreneur sees the opportunity put before them and he spends countless hours daydreaming thinking about the success and how it will FEEL when it comes to him. It fuels the fire. Without this the gas in the tank of any entrepreneurial effort quickly empties.

They don’t think about failure.

You see an entrepreneur by definition is a person who offers a solution to a problem at a cost.

At first, the problem that an entrepreneur faces in network marketing is how to solve their own immediate problems. How get a lead? How to get a new team member? How to help that new team member duplicate their success quicker than he or she did it?

When they get these issues solved he benefits monetarily for the growth in his team, but metaphysically he profits for knowing he has added overall value to the task and process at hand for many many to follow.

The entrepreneur is not done at this point.

There’s more to be done. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and sees that there is more value to be added. The people directly associated with him aren’t the only people to have the problems they began with so he devices a way to help more than his immediate circle.

The entrepreneur sees no failure. The entrepreneur detaches his emotions from all outcomes be they positive or negative. He sees the results of his actions as merely observable data to improve upon.

The entrepreneur always asks himself “How can I do better next time?” And then sets out to improve upon their most immediate results for their personal growth and the benefit of all those associated with him.

The entrepreneur realizes that there is no such thing as “enough” he knows that just like an apple tree grows as large as it possibly can and then bares seeds that he to must ALWAYS grow.

If there is any one quality that the entrepreneur has that sets him apart from the average person is their confidence exceeds their competency. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity before him and he know he most grow into it regardless of whether or not he knows HOW to do it.

He just has confidence that he will.

The entrepreneur asks everyday what it is that he wants and then sets out to get it with excitement.

Step into this mindset and step into success.

So if you are interested to know more, I would invite you to have a free tour with me here. It is a breakthrough in network marketing in this 21st Century. Success is within reach even you are new and be the expert in no time.

Dream of receiving a check like above…a whoopping RM231,000 !

 Guys…visit me there to take the free tour with no obligation but Success is around the corner!

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