Preparation to Ramadhan which is coming again

Dear brothers and sisters,

I wanted to personally say to the Ummah Ramadan Al-Mubarak! May Allah SWT grant you a successful Ramadan. May the coming month allow us to reflect not only on the Ummah but on the entire creation and all the wonderful blessings of Allah SWT. May we strive to be patient, understanding, just, and firm in our faith. May we use our faith as a catalyst to project Islam into action and bring about a lasting peace throughout mankind. May we be willing to stand up against wickedness and repel evil with good in all forms. May we remember the example of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and utilize the best of manners when dealing with those who are different from us. May we exemplify the revelation of Allah (swt) in all our daily routines. I ask that Allah SWT grant us the strength to repel the whisperings of the Shaitan (evil).

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.


The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong).) (Al-Baqarah 2: 185)

Ramadhan is an event that occurs in the life of the faithful, as individuals and as an Ummah, once a year. It is intended by Allah SWT to help us to recharge our spiritual batteries and thus prepare us for the great mission of realizing His will on earth. Therefore, in order to benefit from Ramadhan, we may do well to prepare for it by opening our hearts and minds to embrace it. A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadhan, but we have no idea how to start. Below are a few tips to insyaAllah will help prepare our minds and hearts for this upcoming Month of Mercy.

1. Making the Intention

* Simple to do and has a powerful impact. Maybe you want to prepare for Ramadan, but between school, work, family, and any other activities, you just have no idea how to fit in ‘Preparing for Ramadan’ time. Instead of making ‘preparing for Ramadan’ something separate from your daily activities, MAKE your daily activities a means of preparation for Ramadan.

* For example, perhaps your mom asked you to pick up your brother from school on the day you finally had time to read a few extra pages of Qur’an. Instead of feeling upset and feeling like you have lost a great preparation for Ramadan opportunity, make the intention that you are picking up your brother to please Allah SWT and prepare for Ramadan by obeying your mother, helping your family members, building ties of kinship… and the list continues.

* The point is that preparing for Ramadan does not have to be some magnificent, enormous, extra-special thing that needs to be done at a certain time of the day. Many of your daily actions can be turned into Ramadan preparation actions with a sincere intention, insyaAllah.

2. Do these easy-to-reap-reward actions:

* Asking Allah to forgive your brothers and sisters. “Whoever seeks forgiveness for believing men and believing woman, Allah will write for him a good deed for each believing man and believing woman.” [at-Tabarani]

* It was narrated that Abu Hurairah RA said “The Messenger of Allah SAW said: ‘Whoever says “SubhanAllah wa bi hamdih” (praise and glory be to Allah) 100 times, morning and evening, his sins will be erased even if they are like the foam on the sea.” [Narrated by al-Bukhari, 6042; Muslim 2691]

* If a person says “SubhanAllah” (glory be to Allah) 100 times, a thousand good deeds are recorded for him and a thousand bad deeds are wiped away. [Narrated by Muslim 2073]

* Remember Allah when you go shopping : “Whoever enters a market and says:
‘Laa ilaha illallah wahdahu la shareeka lah, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumeetu wa huwa hayyun laa yamoot, bi yadihil khair, wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadeer’[there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, alone without partner, to Him belongs dominion and praise, He causes life and death and He is the Living and does not die. In His Hand is all the good, and He is over all things competent]Allah will write for him/her a million good deeds and erase a million bad deeds and raise him a million levels.” [at-Tirmidhi]

3. Up your worship

* To help condition your heart for this blessed month, intensify your worship before Ramadan begins. Just a small, consistent amount is enough. The Prophet SAW told us:

*“The deeds most loved by Allah are those done regularly, even if they are small.”

* For example, if I always pray 2 rakaats of sunnah after isyak, from this day until Ramadan begins- and even through Ramadan, let me make the intention that I will now pray 2 extra rakaats of sunnah after isyak. And every time I pray these extra 2 rakaats, which are more than what I normally pray, let me remember that I am doing these with the intention of asking Allah to help me be prepared to strive and exert my utmost effort during Ramadan.

4. Make a Dua’ list today

* This is THE MONTH to ask for EVERYTHING, both related to this life and the Next. Let us not wait until the last 10 nights to make special duaas, and then once Eid passes realize that we had completely forgotten about fifty other things we needed to make duaa for. Let us start making our lists now, and add to it as more things come our way. InsyaAllah this should help us remember to make constant duaa in this month where duaa is accepted, and help our hearts pour out to the One Who can make those duaas happen, subhanahu wa ta’ala.

5. Write out your objectives for Ramadan

* Praying all of your fardu prayers? Praying all of your sunnahs? Reading the entire Qur’an? Giving $1 charity a day? Making itikaaf in the masjid? Leaving one serious sin that you’ve been trying to get away from for some time now? Sincerely turning completely back to Allah SWT.

* Write out a list, put them somewhere you will see them, and make duaa for your success in fulfilling these objectives.

6. Make a plan!

* Look at your objectives, and try to make a plan on how to actualize those objectives in this month.

* For example, perhaps you are really struggling to pray your sunnah prayers. In this month, realize the enormity of the ajr (bounty) of praying the sunnah prayers… think that perhaps these sunnahs will be the deeds that will be so heavy on your scale of good deeds when you are intense need of them- on yowm al qiyamah (in the hereafter). Therefore, fight to keep doing them all throughout Ramadan. If you can’t pray your 2 rakaats after dhur’ right away, make sure to do them as soon as you get a chance.

* Thus, your plan might look something like this:

* Objective: Pray all of my fardu prayers.

* Method: Envision myself on the day of judgment seeing the insyaAllah weight of praying my sunnah consistently during this month. Make sure to pray sunnah solah immediately after solah. If I cannot, do it as soon as the opportunity arises… don’t let myself put it off!

* Another example is that of finishing the Qur’an:

* Objective: Finishing the entire Qur’an in this month.

* Method: Read 4 pages of the Qur’an after every solah. 5 prayers X 4 pages = 20 pages. 20 pages= about 1 juz. 1 juz X 30= the entire Qur’an. (Allahu Akhbar!)

So many Muslims or our family and freinds have passed away since last month. So many people have not made it to Ramadan this year. Last year was their very last Ramadan. Will you make it to this Ramadan? Will this be your last Ramadan?

Aim to strive in this Ramadan. With a very small amount of effort, such as just making a small intention, or adding a few extra acts of worship, we pray that Allah will help our hearts soften and honor us with making it easy to turn to Him and open up to Him.

May Allah make us of the successful in Ramadan, and make it easy for us to turn to Him completely and perpetually.

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

For more tips, read it here, insyaAllah,

The Virtue in Giving the Alms (Zakat)

Our Prophet SAW was the one who expended the most from what Allah SWT gave to him. If anyone wanted anything from the Messenger SAW, he would certainly give, whether it was much or whether it was little; he always gave whatever he could. The pleasure he took from giving was more than the happiness of the person who received. Our Prophet SAW specified four types of possessions from which to give alms (zakat):

1) Agricultural products and fruits,

2) Animals (camel, cattle),

3) Gold and silver,

4) All sorts of commercial goods.

“You who believe! Give away some of what We have provided for you before a Day arrives on which there is no trading, no close friendship and no intercession…” (Surat Al-Baqarah : 254)

Cooperation had a great place in our Prophet’s SAW life. He informs us that the best of all aids given are the ones given in secret. Our Prophet SAW says:

“Seven are (the persons) whom Allah would give protection with His Shade on the Day when there would be no shade but that of Him (i. e. on the Day of Judgment, and they are): … a person who gives charity and conceals it (to such an extent) that the right hand does not know what the left has given: and a person who remembered Allah in privacy and his eyes shed tears.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 005, Number 2248)

Satan inspires fear for future in people so as to hinder them from giving away from that which Allah SWT has blessed them with. This way, he drifts them into stinginess. Our Prophet SWT says that this is a great danger for believers.

 “Spend and do not calculate, (for) Allah would calculate in your case; and do not hoard, otherwise Allah would be withholding from you.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 005, Number 2244)

 “He who gives time to one who is financially hard up (in the payment of debt) or writes off his debt, Allah will provide him His shadow.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 042, Number 7149)

“If any owner of gold or silver does not pay what is due on him, when the Day of Resurrection would come, plates of fire would be beaten out for him; these would then be heated in the fire of Hell and his sides, his forehead and his back would be cauterized with them. Whenever these cool down, (the process is) repeated during a day the extent of which would be fifty thousand years, until judgment is pronounced among servants.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 005, Number 2161)

Giving to charity is one of the five “pillars” of Islam. Muslims who have wealth remaining over the year, after paying for their own basic needs, must pay a certain percentage to help others. This almsgiving is called Zakat, from an Arabic word which means both “to purify” and “to grow.” Muslim believe that giving to others purifies their own wealth, increases its value, and causes one to recognize that everything we have is a trust from God. Paying Zakat is required of every adult Muslim man or woman who possesses wealth of a certain minimum amount.

In addition to the required alms, Muslims are encouraged to give in charity at all times according to their means. Additional, voluntary charity is called sadaqah, from an Arabic word meaning “truth” and “honesty.” Sadaqah may be given at any time and in any amount. 

How Much to Pay in Zakat: Zakat is only required of those who have wealth beyond a certain amount to meet their basic needs (called nisab in Arabic). The amount of money paid in Zakat depends on the amount and type of wealth one possesses, but is usually considered to be a minimum of 2.5% of a person’s “extra” wealth. The specific calculations of Zakat are rather detailed and dependent on individual circumstances, so zakat calculators have been developed to assist with the process.

Who May Receive Zakat: The Qur’an specifies eight categories of people to whom Zakat may be donated (in verse 9:60):

  • Poor people — who have few belongings
  • Destitute people — who have absolutely nothing
  • Zakat collectors — for their work in collecting and distributing the zakat
  • Muslim converts — who may be estranged from their families and in need of help
  • Slaves — to free them from slavery in times/places where slavery has existed
  • Debtors — to help free them from insurmountable debts
  • Those working in the path of Allah — soldiers fighting a just war to defend the Muslim community
  • Wayfarers — who are stranded during their travels

When to Pay Zakat: While Zakat can be paid anytime during the Islamic lunar year, many people prefer to pay it during Ramadan or your could contribute now to Al-Hikmah Surau/Madrasah for student who studied Al-Quran and Alim.

The assessor of alms should try to give his Zakat to an eligible person, but if he makes a mistake and gives it to an ineligible person it is accepted. In a hadith related by Abu Hurairah, he said the Messenger SAW said:

“A man expressed his intention to give charity, so he came with his charity and placed it in the hand of an adulteress. In the morning the people were talking and saying charity was given to an adulteress last night. The donor said: O Allah, to thee be the Praise – charity to an adulteress! He then again expressed his intention to give charity, so he went out with it and placed it in the hand of a rich person. In the morning the people were talking and saying charity was given to a rich person. The donor said, O Allah to You be the praise – charity to a rich man! He then expressed his intention to give charity, so he went out with his charity and placed it in the hand of a thief. In the morning the people were talking and saying charity to the thief. So the man said, O Allah to You be the praise (what a misfortune that charity has been given) to the adulteress, the rich and the thief! Then someone came to him and told him your charity has been accepted. As for the adulteress the charity might become the means whereby she might restrain from fornication. The rich man might perhaps learn a lesson and spend from what Allah has given him, and the thief might thereby restrain from committing theft. (Muslim/ Bukhari).

Ijtimak Malaysia 2009

It is so wonderful to be at the World Ijtimak 2009 at KLIA Quarters recently. I met my long time friends which I have not met for more than 20 years at the Ijtimak. It is the blessing from Allah. To name a few here, like Razali Kamisan, Idris Karim, Fuad Nordin and few others. Also to mention here one of my friend at FB like Niezam Abdullah. All these are possible just because Allah wants it to happen. All are based on the kudrat of Allah swt.

Ijtimak Malaysia 2009
This world is like a prison for the believer, meaning that the way a prisoner isn’t free and is bound by rules, the affair of a believer is the same, this world is not one of freedom for them but one of rules and obligations towards Allah swt. The believer at all times keeps these rules and obligations in front of him. The way a prisoner doesn’t make his home the prison the believer is the same, where by he never sees this world as his home, but as a temporary dwelling full of trials until he reaches his final home of Jannah.

For a disbeliever the matter is on the complete other end of the scale, he sees the life of this world as jannah and does whatever his heart desires. He sees this world as his final home and acts accordingly to it, he pays no heed to the warnings that are given to him and does not submit to the will and obligations of Allah. He sees this world as his for the taking and makes it his goal to acquire as much as he can and to derive pleasure from it, due to this he sees this world as a place of reward and becomes blind to the reality of its evil and hereafter.

When thinking about it, many non-believers do not understand how muslims can devote a life to a higher being, how we as muslims can easily put on hold our lives for the sake of Allah.

At times explaining to a non-believer seems futile, but patience is critical in these matters, remember that to this day; Religion to them has always been a side dish, where as islam is the full 7 course meal.

Islam governs our lives, and we are happy for it to do so. As, if our lives were left within our own hearts desires we would truly be lost.

We see this life as temporary and our belief enables us to give up desires for a higher cause, for we know we will be rewarded.

Many times it takes a lot of time and tonnes of patience in order to be able to make a non-believer see this. We need to continuously make dua to Allah to guide those whom we try to call to Islam and make dua that Allah instill in us the correct a’dab to be able to do dakwah of His deen.

May Allah guides us All, insyaAllah.


Before you go view this video, when the PM and DPM visited the Ijtimak gathering.

The miracle of human creation

Guys, have you ever ask yourself who are you? Where do you come from? Sounds interesting huh! This is what I read recently “The miracle of human creation” by Harun Yahya. Here is the introduction of the topic.

The human body is the most complicated machine in the world. We see with it, hear with it, breathe with it, walk and run with it, and sense pleasure with it. Its bones, muscles, arteries, veins and internal organs are organized with marvellous design, and when we examine this design in detail we find even more amazing facts. Every part of the body, though each may seem to be so different from another, is made up of the same material: cells.

Cells, each of which is one thousandth of a millimetre, are the structural units that form our body and everything in it. Some of these cells unite to form bones, others to form nerves, the liver, the inner layer of the stomach, the skin or the cornea of the eyeball. Each has the size and shape that exactly meet the requirement of that part of the body.
How and when did cells, which have such varied functions, come into being?
The answer to this question will take us into a process whose every moment is filled with mystery. All the approximately 100 trillion cells that make up your body today came from the division of one single cell. That single cell which had the same structure as all the cells in your body now, came from the union of your mother’s egg cell and your father’s sperm cell.
In the Qur’an, God sometimes refers to the wonders of the earth and the sky, and sometimes to the mysteries of the creation of living things as various signs of His existence. One of the most important of these signs is His wondrous creation of human beings.
In many verses, as a lesson to human beings, God advises them to turn and look at their own creation. He explains in detail how human beings come to be and what stages they pass through. In Surah 56, He tells of human creation:

We created you, so why do you not confirm the truth? Have you thought about the sperm that you ejaculate? Is it you who create it or are We the Creator? (Qur’an, 56: 57-59)

The essence of a human being composed of 60-70 kilos of flesh and a mass of bones was originally contained in a drop of fluid. It is certainly a wonder that an intelligent, feeling human being with the faculties of speech and hearing and with a remarkably complex physical structure could come into existence from a drop of fluid. This development was certainly not the result of a random process or the operation of chance, but rather of a conscious process of Creation.
This book will explain in detail a wonder that is experienced continually, by every person on the face of the earth the wonder of human creation. It must be made clear that what is dealt with in this book is only a part of the intricacies of human creation; but even what is related in this book reveals once again the eternal power of the Creator, His limitless knowledge and intelligence that surround and embrace the whole universe. And it will remind human beings that Almighty God is “the Best of Creators”.

We created man from the purest kind of clay; then made him a drop in a secure receptacle; then formed the drop into a clot and formed the clot into a lump and formed the lump into bones and clothed the bones in flesh; and then brought him into being as another creature. Blessed be God, the Best of Creators! (Qur’an, 23: 12-14)

Why not sit back and view this video. This video is about your story. How you came to be from a single drop of liquid? How you were carefully designed, built, fed, and raised in your mother’s womb? When you see the marvelous design, plan and intricacy in each tiny step that leads to your existence, you will recall that this is not the work of the blind forces of nature, but the work of an all-Wise and all-Powerful Creator, Allah SWT.

Then download the book here,

Reduce Expenses in a Home-Based Business

Hi! Hope you have a great weekend with your family. During the weekend I received few emails on asking how to reduce expenses on my work from home business during this difficult time. Working from home is less costly than renting office space. Once you have decided to skip the hassle and expense of commuting, there are additional ways to reduce your costs. Here are some tips for you today.

1. Keep complete and accurate accounting records, and review your expenses at the end of each month to determine where you could cut back.

2. Join a purchasing alliance for small and home-based businesses to get discounts on everything from health insurance to office supplies.

3. Purchase a multifunction copy, fax, scanner, and printer machine. This can save on the costs of buying each one of these separately. (All-in-One machine).

4. Take tax deductions for business use of your vehicle and home.

5.  Try to earn supplier discounts by paying an invoice within 10 days of the invoice date.

6. Give free Internet access services a try, i.e. free broadband hotspot.

7. Talk to your insurance agent about ways to cut insurance costs.

8. Use a small business accounting program instead of paying a pricey accountant software. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

9. Do not pay for marketing and promotional services for your home based business. Use your website as a way to advertise your products and services. Add your URL to your website in your signature when participating in online forums and groups. Take your business cards with you to pass out whenever you meet someone who might be interested in your services.

10. A fellow friend helped me learn an important lesson. Write up a job description and send it to the career placement office at your local college. If you want a student with a particular major – such as biology or marketing – contact the secretary of that department at the college. You will help a student gain experience while you get the assistance you need.

new intern

11. Learn how to build a massive list of targeted followers fast with Twitter. Discover ways to get targeted followers on autopilot! Just set it once, forget it about it and start seeing floats of followers to your Twitter account in DAYS!

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