Survey: The Importance of the English Language in the Workplace

Many of my Malaysian friends asked me this one good question, “Why you did not write in Bahasa Malaysia (my mother tongue) ?” Not that I do not want to but I feel it is a lot easier for me to interact in English not only with my Malaysian friends or Malaysian readers but also from elsewhere too. Moreover all Malaysians do speak English, am I right?

Here is what being revealed by who conducted this survey and here are the details.

The importance of the English language in the workplace continues to be a top concern among employers in the country.According to the results of this study, a staggering 91% of employers said that English is the language of business communication. By contrast, only 6% of them used the Chinese language while 2% used Bahasa Malaysia instead.

We also asked employers if the quality of the English language amongst new hires has improved over the last one year. More than half (54%) stated that there was no change while 16% say that it has dropped. Still, a notable 30% maintained that it has improved, though this may be due to an influx of foreign university graduates returning to the country.

To every business entity, productivity is of utmost importance. A landslide majority of 95% of employers believed that better English would improve the productivity of employees, as opposed to the 5% who don’t. It was not surprising then to find that 66% of employers have turned down applicants due to a bad command of English while a further 26% would do so if necessary.

But how do employers screen through new hires on their command of the English language? Screening via phone interviews and resume slips come in at 36% and 53% respectively. The most popular method by far however is to screen a new hire’s English through a face-to-face interview (84%).

Still, despite these various methods to filter applicants, about 61% of employers surveyed said they were looking for the right tools to gauge a job seeker’s command of the English language. Also, 78% of employers were keen on using an English test to help in the hiring process. In line with these numbers, 63% of employers preferred to hire new people with already a good command of English, while 30% would give on-the-job training to new hires.

The emphasis for the employers at large lies mainly in the competency of new hires when it comes to conversational English. The study revealed in terms of importance, 92% of employers felt that conversational English was the most important with 65% choosing grammar, 55% indicated comprehension and 47% saying vocabulary.

This study on the importance of the English language in the workplace was conducted by in August 2009. With the participation by 1001 employers, the study was a follow-up research on an earlier survey in July 2009 on reasons why employers felt fresh graduates remained unemployed.

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How to blog during holidays?

This is a common headache to blogger during every holiday seasons. It does happened to me last year and this year I am determine to make it happening to my humble blog. I am sure you have some experience on this issue so let’s share with me here. Maybe you got a really successful blog and many people seem to like with your postings. The traffic, comments and sign-ups to your newsletter are growing bigger and bigger each day and you have put in a great effort in getting it successful. Now that the holidays are upon us you will have a little time to keep your blog up to date, especially if you are selling the hottest-selling product online. You do know that you want to keep this great thing going though. Besides, it’s the long term marketing that will help you over the slower periods of the year. What should you do?

So I would suggest do as the squirrels do and store up for the winter. Look at your schedule and figure out the days that you are going to be busy with family outings. Then go write a post for each of those days. Right now. Make yourself a big ol’ stockpile, and you will never lack fresh fodder.

Here is another idea. Have an assistant or a guest blogger to post some holiday articles related to your business for you. Articles about the holidays that people find useful such as shopping tips, budget tips and saving tips sounds appropriate. More affordable and enjoyable holidays are something everyone can use to hear about. If your guest blogger could add information to relate those articles with your product, the better. With that holiday feel in the air, you may be surprised to see how much traffic you end up getting. Possibly more than normal. Do you agree?

Say you wanna share about some tips, make sure do not post all of them at once. Publish some interesting tips over a period of days or even weeks. Tell people they are reading on of a series of tips on says a saving tips. This gives your prospects reason to return and you something to blog about on a regular basis.

Now let’s share about your ideas here, on how to blog during holidays so that your blog is not dead at the end of every holiday seasons.

to blog

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What to do with RM10,000?

Guys, I have been wondering what you will do if someone gives you RM10,000 today? If this RM10,000 is a windfall, what will you do with it? Let me start and I would like you to share your thoughts here.

In this current economy situation, I think I will save the RM10,000. Why? It will surely boost my savings. At a yearly return of 4%, RM10,000 will become RM18,000 in 15 years! Not much but it surely helps. I could use this for my daughter’s education plan in the National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN). Savings of up to RM3,000 in SSPN are also tax-exempted and deposits are guaranteed by the government.

Now I wanna know about your RM10,000. What will you do?

Work from Home for 35 PWD draftsmen

Working from home is no longer an illusion. It is a REALITY now. I recently read an interesting news on local dailies, the New Straits Times, on November 08, 2009 with the headlines “35 PWD draftsmen to work from home”. It says that The Works Ministry will go ahead with its pilot project to allow 35 draftsmen from the Public Works Department (PWD) to work from home from January next year. The Works Minister, Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor, said that the project not only aimed to increase productivity but also to reduce the cost of transport of its staff. Read the full news here<<>>

Also read the working paper on this work from home scheme at PWD.


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