The dawn of new era in Selangor

This is the head line in a newspaper today. Certainly it is a new era in my state Selangor. After the General Election 2008 on March 8, we in Selangor will have a new government, a new Menteri Besar or Chief Minister, a new state assemblymen, a new local council and many new things in Selangor.

Yesterday in a quite Sunday morning, I smell a new wind scent which blowing inside my window. It is a new wind that take Selangor by surprised of many. I think it is not only the coalition are surprised but also the opposition. This is the true democracy in Malaysia. Government change hands via the ballot boxes.

This is what we want in Malaysia. People will decides via a ballot box.

It is reported in a newspaper today that “The new MB will appoint new people. My take is that all the existing councillors in the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and Subang Jaya Town Council (MPSJ) will be removed, and there are good chances that the new councillors appointed are those who live within the constituencies,” said Derek Fernandez, an expert in local government and town planning law.

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Who is going to be Selangor new Mentri Besar? All will be answered today at 2pm local time.

This is the outcome of the March 8, Malaysia General Election 2008. The coalition still won to form a new government with a simple majority in the parliament and in the process they lost 4 states, that is Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor to the Opposition parties. So in overall, the Oppositions are controlling 5 states including Kelantan which they won hands down to bring a big shame to the Coalition after the Coalition said that this time they will “capture” and “to clean” Kelantan after spending so much effort and money. The Coalition concentrate too much on Kelantan and in the process they forgot to hold other states stronger. This time around what people are saying the “Political Tsunami” struck Malaysia in the 12th General Election.

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