Rice contest, superhero contest

Guys, just relax and participate in this contest.

Rice Contest is great for you to get 2 x 10Kg rice each month!

Check this contest here: http://contests.thestar.com.my/kuali_bernas/


Then if you are a superhero, here is your chance to get a cool Sony Ericsson mobile phone

‘Hancock: A different kind of superhero’ Contest

He’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

He also drinks too much, sleeps on the sidewalk, and looks like he badly needs a bath.

He is Hancock, the latest addition to the superhero fraternity.

Now, here’s your chance to watch this less-than-super superhero (played by the always-dependable Will Smith) on the bigscreen, for free, as he attempts to rehabilitate his public image with the help of a marketing expert (Jason Bateman).

And what’s more? In your bid to win the movie tickets, you might possibly walk away with a cool Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

If you are interested, visit the superhero here, Hancock for AllMalaysian Bloggers.

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