Mirror, mirror on the wall . . . . .

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of all?”
The mirror answered-
“You, my Queen, are the fairest of all,”
and the Queen was contented, because she knew the mirror could speak nothing but the truth.”
–The Brothers’ Grimm, Little Snow White

Today I just want to blog about this hot topic in Malaysia, The General Elections.

Malaysia’s political parties formally started campaigning yesterday (Sunday) for general elections with fractious opposition groups joining forces in a bid to deprive the ruling coalition of a two-thirds parliamentary majority.

Hundreds of political heavy-hitters and first-time aspirants filed their nomination papers to contest 222 parliamentary constituencies and 505 state legislature seats. The process officially marked the start of a 13-day campaigning period ahead of the March 8 ballot.

So as the Snow White famous tag “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all going to win in this election?” The answers are in your own hands. Vote wisely, vote the best candidate to represent you in your area and country. Vote for your voice to be heard. Those who are outstations due to work or pleasure, go back home to vote and choose the right person in this election. May it be current government coalition parties or oppositions front parties, make this general election 2008 a true Malaysian Style Election with the true spirit of Democracy. People of Malaysia would like to see a true democracy election. No negative impact whatsoever so that foreigners or investors will look at us and we will stand tall with our Malaysian style none bias election process. We are not only saying that we are Democracy country but to show it during this election process. If there is a change do it properly and let it be clean in the whole process. We Malaysian are wise now to see what is right and what is wrong. We do not need the mirror to tell us about the truth. We have our own eyes to see.

To all politicians, be a true leader for Malaysia to progress further in this Globalization era. But when we said Globalization, we need not to forget about our root, our religion and our believes. We need working leaders not sleeping leaders. We need slave leaders that willing to work for the benefits of people not bossy leaders who are only looking for their rice bowl. We do not need leader who only could talk during campaigning but later keep quiet and stay home when elected.

We need leaders and what we mean is True Leaders for the People. Leaders who will champion the People’s needs. Leaders who are willing to sacrifice their own needs for the People. Who are they? Are they to be found in this coming election? Or this is just an illusion to Malaysian politics? I am not saying that todays leaders are not of the above criteria but often being said that majority of the current leaders are not up to the standard that will bring Malaysia forward in this Globalization era. Like a malay saying “tepuk dada, tanya selera” but we rephrase it “tepuk dada, tanya iman”.

My last advice to the current potential leaders whether they are from the current coalitions parties or they be from the oppositions, if you think you could be the True Leader by all means go all out and woo us as your voters, but if you could not be a True Leader, just stay home and pull out as a candidate to save your money and also the voters money. We certainly do not need Sleeping Leaders.

Note: All photos are from the respective participating parties.

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  1. izzy69rocks on February 29th, 2008

    Hopefully this election will bring down the mess that has been hurting Malaysia’s reputation lately.
    The riots, demonstrations and scandals has not only put a dent on Malaysia’s pride but confidence by the world who sees Malaysia as a peaceful, multi-racial and democratic state.
    Although I’m not a Malaysian, I would certainly hope the elections would run smoothly and peacefully.
    The people of Malaysia need to choose wisely who their leaders would be and I have every confident they will.

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