Malaysia general election | Election 101

Wow! after yesterday’s announcement, everybody suddenly tune to different channel, the general election. Every newspapers, every radio stations, tv stations say nothing else but the coming general election. I think the campaigning period will starts immediately! We Malaysians will vote once every four or five years so it is like a party time now.

Now the basic things are:

  1. Who is eligible to contest?
  2. Who is eligible to vote?
  3. What is at stake? See here ===>>>
  4. Nomination Day?
  5. The Deposits? either for parliament or state seats
  6. Campaigns period between nomination day and polling day (this is fun)
  7. The Poling day (The Big day or The D-Day)
  8. Walla!…counting process and the forming of the new government.

Opps!, there are new criterium this time around:

  1. The use of indelible ink, and
  2. transparent ballot boxes.

So are you ready to rock? He, he, he, I mean to vote. Have you check your electoral roll? If not check yours here, Your Electoral Roll. (just key in your I.C. number).


This 3 weeks or so I should call it an election fever but life should go on as usual and so does my business. I will update more regularly here about election and as well as doing businesses online.

Source: The StarSpecial.

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