Making Money Online: The New Breed

Making Money Online is no longer a dream or a hype anymore in Malaysia. Today in NST Tech & U featured another big name in this industry. Dr. Irfan Khairi already making waves on the internet and also national media and now Gobala Krishnan. See his story below . . .

This is what Gobala has to say at one of his blog “It all has to do with the energy in our bodies. Deep inside, we all have the motivation to succeed, to achieve something better, and to lead a life of freedom. But then we meet other people in life, and their negative energy most of time does nothing but reduce the positive energy that we already have. Meeting too many people with negative energy – those who like to say “impossible”, “are you sure?” and “don’t be silly” – will eventually kill our motivation.”

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To All Malaysian this is the time for you to change and make a paradigm shift on how to make money online and be a successful online entrepreneur. Learn the right way in order for you to succeed.

Note: Here is all about “paradigm shift” or in other words “Take the Leap – Moving from one thought system to another”.

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