Wishing A Happy Deepavali to my Hindu friends & readers

From Rosli Hanip at www.roslihanip.com to all friends and readers who celebrate Deepavali tomorrow, 8 November.

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Let me brief you about Deepavali. Commonly known as the Festival of Lights, the celebration of Deepavali (or Diwali) marks the triumph of good over evil, the victory of light over dark to the believes of a Hindu community.

Gazetted by the Malaysian Government as a one-day public holiday, it is celebrated here in Malaysia by the Hindu community – mainly consisting those of Indian ethnic origin – during the seventh month of the Hindu lunar calendar, which usually falls in either October or November. And it is not called the Festival of Lights for nothing, for it is celebrated with a joyful vivacity, with bright lights and even brighter smiles, as though to underline the traditional meaning and message behind it. Even the word “Deepavali” is etymologically derived from the Sanskrit word that literally means “row of lights”.

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