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Guys today I read about this statement, “Business and blogging makes good sense”, especially when your business depends on how well you communicate with your audience. These are what I am sharing from my other blogs with the following titles:

And to make this strategy interesting, today, Malaysian Airlines (MAS) has hopped on the blogging world and so far, it looks like a commendable effort, deserving of an automatic upgrading to the next class, nice 3-D design – birds’ eye view of a warm cup of coffee.

According to MAS, the blog with a tagline “Living Malaysian Hospitality – Eating, Breathing, Sleeping MH” is in line with its Business Transformation Plan, giving voice to some 19,000 of her employees to share their personal stories. In the past MAS communicate directly to their customers via top management and via their communication division. Now they are communicating with the latest trend that is blogging. Well done MAS! but I am wondering why comments are currently closed! I hope that comments will be opened up soon to others to comments and complaints! (if any). Remember, the whole idea of a blog is not a one-way conversation, which in itself isn’t a conversation.

Hope after this more corporate companies in Malaysia will follow suit and hope with the birth of this MAS blog, it will help the airline to improve its service and a smooth flight all the way…up, up, up and away!!!

Okay guys, excuse me, I am going back to my SecretClassroom, see ya later and enjoy reading the “Living Malaysian Hospitality – Eating, Breathing, Sleeping MH”

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  1. Linda Morton on July 20th, 2008

    It’s interesting that companies in Malaysia are just getting started blogging. Many companies have been blogging in the USA for a while now.

  2. roslimh on July 20th, 2008

    In Malaysia there are more personal blogs rather than corporate blogs. We are working harder to educate the corporate sector. I am from the sector and encouraging many to do blogging.

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