Anwar vs Najib

Guys, I want to bring you through a time machine. This took place in Kuala Lumpur in 1975. At that time I was still a kid at 9 years old. At that time, it created history in Malaysia and everyone are very excited with the bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Bugner at Stadium Merdeka. I could remember at that showdown in Kuala Lumpur which was shown live on TV.

Muhammad Ali was lured to Kuala Lumpur by a $2Million purse to resume hostilities with Briton Joe Bugner. He was also intrigued to be in Malaysia as it was only the second Muslim country he had fought in (Indonesia being the first).

Let us refresh our memory and view the short video on the bout at
This is from Ali’s website: Muhammad Ali Memorabilia

And today I read a similar intriguing news in local dailies. It is not about two fighters, instead about two politicians. The fight shall not be on the ring but maybe in the court! Anwar vs Najib. It will be a head on collision according to The Star and Najib says Why Now? in the NST.

Guys…let’s read all here and we will see that the truth shall prevail! Make a lot of doa in this month of Rejab.


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