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This my list of online friends, do you want your blog in this list? contact me and I will add your blog in my list here.


  • Alvin Phang
  • Gobala Krishnan
  • Zamri Nanyan
  • B.Niralan
  • Nurudin Jauhari
  • IslamCrunch
  • RosyidiDotCom
  • Cheesy Marketing Rambling
  • My Two Cents Worth
  • Donate for Ummah – Making A Difference, Together Helping the poor build a better quality of life
  • Momentum InfoTech is a Website Design and Software Development Company based in New York, Toronto and India. Also Offers internet marketing, web hosting and ecommerce solutions at economical price.
  • Make Money Blogging – Blogging tips, adsense tips, traffic tips, seo tips and wordpress.
  • Wisdom Of A Young CEO. Get online tips from Ridzuan Ritchie.
  • Link Exchange at Links Highway

  • Link Exchange
  • Resources

  • Email Marketing Software – Email marketing is easy with ListkingPRO! It is the ultimate online web-based mass emailing and email list management software system.
  • Writing Articles & Articles Marketing – Professionally Written Article distributed to OVER 500+ of the most popular article sites with our exclusive Article Marketing Service adds a boost to your website traffic!
  • My Online Shopping Mall – Massive Shopping Mall for Your Internet Business Exposure
  • Get Your Own Shopping Mall FREE – Get your own FREE online shopping mall today.
  • The Concept of People Franchise – by John Milton Fogg
  • Three Costly Habits – by Tracy Biller
  • 7 Comments so far

    1. Agam on September 28th, 2007

      Terima kasih atas linknya.
      Sudah saya link balik.

    2. roslimh on October 1st, 2007

      Sama-sama Agam..Salam Ramadan dari saya di Malaysia.

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    4. Richie on November 9th, 2008

      mcm mana nak apply link exchange tuan? 🙂

    5. roslimh on November 9th, 2008


      Senang ajer…just email to me you link, description and hope you link to my blog too 🙂

      Am honored to have your link here.

    6. Richie on November 9th, 2008

      beres tuan 🙂

    7. roslimh on November 9th, 2008

      @ Ritchie

      Done. Link mine to yours too 🙂

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