Legend of Islam: Umar bin Abdul Aziz

Today I went to my masjid or a mosque for prayers and today we had a religion teacher who give a talk about Umar bin Abdul Aziz. The story inspired me to find about Umar bin Abdul Aziz and here are what I gathered from the internet about this great guy who is one of the legend in Islam. After we conclude our general election, the story of Umar bin Abdul Aziz is a story for all politicians need to hear and follow or emulate if he want to be a great leader in this modern time.

Who is Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz?

Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz, surnamed “Al-Khalifat-us-Saleh” (The pious Caliph) was the son of Abdul Aziz, the Governor of Egypt, and his mother, Umm-i-Aasim was the grand daughter of the Caliph Umar. He was born in 63 A.H. (682 A.D.) in Halwan, a village of Egypt, but he received his education in Medina from his mother’s uncle, the celebrated Abdullah Ibni Umar. Medina, which in those days was the highest seat of learning in the world of Islam, was greatly instrumental in moulding his life to a pattern quite distinct from those of other Umayyad Caliphs. He remained there till his father’s death in 704 A.D., when he was summoned by his uncle Caliph Abdul Malik and was married to his daughter Fatima. He was appointed Governor of Medina in 706 A.D. by Caliph Waleed. Unlike other autocratic governors, immediately on arrival in Medina, he formed an advisory council of ten eminent jurists and notables of the holy city and carried on the administration with their consultation. He empowered them to keep a watchful eye over his subordinates. This step had a salutary effect on the residents of Medina, who hailed his beneficent Administration. He successfully strove to erase the signs of ravages committed in the holy cities of Islam under Yazid and Abdul Malik. During his two-year stay as the Governor of Medina, he repaired and enlarged the Mosque of the Prophet (saw) as well as beautified the holy cities with public structures; constructed hundreds of new aqueducts and improved the suburban roads leading to Medina. “Moderate, yet firm”, says Ameer Ali, “anxious to promote the welfare of the people whom he governed, Umar’s rule proved beneficent to all classes.” His patriotic rule was for the good of his subjects.

Read the story about Umar bin Abdul Aziz here

Source “en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umar_II




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  1. yasir on November 18th, 2008

    Excellent brother,
    Try to motivate people that they can aware about the life of our legend and follow them.

    keep it up

  2. roslimh on November 21st, 2008

    Thanks for visiting and your kind words, Yasir

  3. SaifiChanda on July 10th, 2009

    it was the best knowldge of Umer Bin Abdul Aziz (RA) on the net.
    Thanks very much.

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