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Guys, I am preparing some articles to be fit in this blog for the next one week. It is about marketing online and how to successful online. There are many criteria to talk about this. If I were to talk this in length it will be like a live conference. I do not want to do that. I just wanna share it here, yes, here at my own blog with my own domain name. It is personalize by me, Rosli Hanip at roslihanip[dot]com.

Picture yourself standing on the rocky stone overlooking a crystal clear blue lake . . . the wind blowing in your hair and the sunshine (like in Malaysia..example tioman island) on your face. Your eyes are closed as you relish the moment. You remember that the mountains are in the distance across the lake.

You can hear birds in the air, and waves lightly floating onto the shore. The cabin you rented is about hundred yards behind you as you now sit barefoot on the rock with your feet in the water. You realize that your mind is perfectly clear, like the blue lake water, and your senses are alive and well. You smile as you recall that there is no employer expecting you back to work. You are on no schedule but your own. There is literally enough money in your bank account to allow you to stay right here for the rest of your life . . . . . and at some point, you just might do that. Your life is full of options and you feel at peace.

Stay tune for more juice from this “Successful mindset” topic or sharing for the next one week.

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