Blogging contest for School children during school holidays

Yesterday I discussed with my daughter and she agreed on this blogging contest. She never being blogging before and yesterday I did told her that it is great to have a blog so that she could practice her English since English language is not our mother tongue.

So yesterday I told her a bit about wordpress and showed her what is blogging all about. Where to find interesting article to blog or an interesting video to blog and so on. So today she rang me up and ask me to review her first blog.  Of course I did help her to upload few photos that she would like to use in her blog and the rest are her own effort.

Not bad for a newbie in blogging world and a 14 year old kid. I told her just “showoff” Raihan Online blog to her friends and told them about the Blogging contest. Oppss! forgot to tell you it is for kids in Malaysia age 10 to 15 during this one and a half month school holidays in Malaysia.


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