Your Ultimate Success

Do you know that the elements of ultimate success in Network Marketing are as follows:

  • You must become a leader
  • You must love your business
  • You must attend training (online or offline)
  • You must develop leaders

Guys I could not guarantee your successor failure in your business. No one could. But remember ultimately your failure occurs when and only when you give up.

Then today one of my downline from Indonesia asked me this question: “How to be successful with Internet network marketing?” Wow! What a great question. Right on the bull’s eye 🙂

So I shall elaborate based on what I learn from others too. That is the beauty when you are building your business online.

My answer is simple You will not succeed with your business online unless your downline is able to duplicate your results. But let’s be realistic and address the issue of duplication online by discussing the number one objection that people have to Internet network marketing.

Generally people are saying, “You could not use the Internet to grow your network marketing business without picking up the phone.” That’s 100% wrong. Yes you could! I have done it! and done it with style 🙂

Even my team are doing it right now. I met online many others that are doing it. Now it is true that you could not build a large organizations via network marketing without personal interaction.

I just choose, with my form of network marketing, not to personally interact with my prospects until they sign up and that works for me.

The solution is “You have to have more and more people coming into your system or landing page than offline methods and just train the ones that appear to be serious. Then repeat.

One last tip for today: “Reject rejections, not objections.” You will get objections and that’s good. It just means that your prospects are taking a good look at what you have to offer. Answer objections honestly and let the cards fall where they may. You will be less stressful to build your Internet Network marketing this way.

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