Successful Mission

Guys, about a week ago I did post a series of sharing about Successful Mindset and today I am beginning with a new sets called Successful Mission. After setting up your mind toward success now is the time for you to think about your mission.

Before that let me enlighten you with the Successful Mindset series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (click each of the number).

So let us begins. Here it goes.

Becoming a wealthy and successful does not simply “happen”. It does not come overnight while you are sleeping. Here is a secret that people often times overlook. Success and wealth creation are a continual process of choices that have been made in a strategic fashion. One after another, these choices move you in the direction of your goals.

Simply making a string of strategic decisions will not guarantee massive wealth in and of itself. It is a great start, but there must be something greater than yourself that you are motivated to create.

I have few questions that you could ask yourself. You may not have all the answers immediately, but you deserve to be developing the answers that will move you in the direction of your goals.

What is your mission?

My mission is to developing 24 serious, passionate people to mentor in 2008.

Take me as an example, when I first know about this business, I know that my goal is even bigger than myself and I recognize that I could not make it happen alone. I repeat, I could not make it happen alone. I have to think outside the box and allow others to shine in areas in which they excel.

Are you willing to capitalize on the talents of others to reach your goals?

Do you want to join me and my team on this mission? This is one solution for you, or you can go out there and create your own system with your own mission as well . . . . . .

Get involved with this group of like-minded entrepreneurs that are creating something unique and larger than them. This exactly what I am going to share with you in this one week, if you are passionate enough.

See you in my next post, which I my ask you the first question.

“What is a mission and how do you define your mission? What does . . . . . . . . .( see ya later to finish my question and also the answer 🙂 )

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