Buying a SoHo property?

This is the trend in Malaysia. Now that Internet connectivity is improving and petrol prices are on the way up and up, many Malaysians are thinking about working from home. So the question is, should they invest in a dedicated SoHo property?

Globalisation and technology advancement have blurred borders between countries. But that is not all in Malaysia, where about 47.8% of the population of 28 million is virtually connected, a new trend has evolved, one that merges personal and work spaces. And property developers in Malaysia have responded by launching home concepts that carry the live/work theme in form of SoHo (small office home office) apartments and office suites.

But is this SoHo riding on a trend that will last or is this merely a branding gimmick? You, me and all Malaysians have the answer for this.

For sure blending work and personal life is not entirely a new concept in Malaysia. For decades, shopkeepers and businessmen have been using their shop fronts for business while living upstairs and/or in back. But nowadays, SoHo is just a new marketing term or trend that has been popular because it tackles a lot of modern issues and meets the need for a small work space. A lot of people work from home and they need a small office space. Technology has advanced so much, it removes a lot of space requirement for storage and support staff.

Like in Subang Jaya where I reside, The Small office Home office (SoHo) concept has hit in a big way with the upcoming launch of Titijaya Group’s RM90 million Subang SoHo development in May.

As for me, I do not need to buy this SoHo property to do work from home. When I am working from home and I could do it from anywhere, whether it is from a condo, a double storey unit, a bangalow or even on the street, as long as I have my notebook and my broadband modem with me! Am I right?

But it is your choice actually. So guys if you need some ideas about buying a SoHo property explore here:


Read this newspaper article about SoHo Property in Malaysia

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