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This is a very interesting news. The world shall be crowded with 7 billion people on October 31, 2011. On CNN World it is reported that the global population hits 7 billion in the coming days, nations can take steps to tackle critical challenges and prepare for the arrival of billions more people this century, the United Nations said Wednesday.

The milestone is expected to be reached on October 31. Where? They say The World’s 7-billionth baby expected in India.

Wow! More people for us to be in contact. Even more staggering is that of the 7 billion people on Earth, about 1.4 billion of them will be old enough to have observed the arrivals of the 6 billionth, 5 billionth, 4 billionth and 3 billionth people in the world. About 42.5 million people could have blown the party horn for the birth of the 2 billionth baby. The population has risen very quickly over the last century. Demographers do expect a decline in the population growth rate, but absolute numbers will continue to rise, likely hitting 9 billion by 2050.

Okay, now, we look back at history’s past population milestones, asking: “How has the world changed?” This video is by National Geographic.

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