SEO marketing

SEO marketing

According to BBC news, When do online searching in search engines, 90% of people will go through 3 pages and 60% of people will stop on 1st page before giving up. (survey by Jupiter Research and marketing firm iProspect). It means that if your website rank higher in search engines, it will have higher chance to get noticed by the visitors and interests group. Agreed?

You can build traffic for free by achieving high rankings in the natural search results — the listings displayed next to the sponsored results. You will need to follow SEO best practices to try to get your site displayed on these pages more prominently and more often. It may take time to reach the top of the natural results, but the free, targeted traffic will probably prove to be well worth the investment.

It depends on your needs and budget. If you want more traffic fast and are willing to pay for it, then PPC might be right for you. But if you’re operating on a shoestring budget, it may make more sense to invest time in chasing high search rankings through SEO.

So guys I have a proven system and it worth for all people especially you and I which we have a very very small butget. It does work and I could generate income everyday and create more sales.

Join Us at and I shall guide you step-by-step.




ID4U ialah portal yang membolehkan internet marketer mempromosi banyak produk dan banyak link bagi satu produk berasaskan carian atau keyword. Ia hampir menyamai konsep Google Adwords yang bolehkan advertiser membuat berpuluh atau beratus ads tetapi untuk landing page yang sama. Kelebihan ID4U ialah kos iklan paling minimum kerana advertiser hanya melabur RM100 sedangkan boleh mengiklan seberapa banyak produk yang anda mahu.

Untuk Dapat Bimbingan Saya Join Dengan Klik:

The Publicity Wheel is like The Wheel of Fortune

Guys, guest what? Today I got an invitation from Mark Schumann to try the Publicity Wheel. Mark Schumann is the administrator for Publicity Wheel. You may be asking what on earth is The Publicity Wheel?

Mark explained to me that it is a new website publicity and traffic service you may be interested in known as the Publicity Wheel. It works similarly to Entrecard (without the “dropping” aspect), but members help to promote one website (per category) at a time via a 125×125 image on their sites through a kind of “wheel of fortune” scenario, so the resultant traffic can be quite considerable. Sounds interesting huh!

Here is what being explained at the website

The Publicity Wheel is a fun and unique way to achieve an increase in traffic and exposure for your website at absolutely no cost. Everyone promotes one site at the same time, so be prepared for a big boost!

How does it work?

Each spin of the wheel, one featured site from each category is collaboratively promoted by the Publicity Wheel community.

By adding a small snippet of HTML code to your site, the featured site’s ad will be displayed to your users, earning you a number of publicity points each click.
At the next spin, a new site is selected based on publicity points and promoted once again. The more points you have, the higher your chances, but you don’t need to have the most to win.

How is this any different to a banner exchange?

Banner exchanges work on the principle that you must promote other websites at a greater level than they will promote yours. They use a ratio to determine how often your website banner is promoted on their site. For example, an exchange with a 3:1 ratio will display a banner on somebody else’s site once for every 3 times you display theirs. Some also use popups or popunders to drive traffic, which can be very harmful to the quality of user experience on your site.

The Publicity Wheel uses a different concept. There is no ratio or use of popups/unders, and when you do become featured you are likely to achieve a large influx of quality visitors to your site without necessarily having to have promoted the same number of other sites in return. The Publicity Wheel is also designed to be a fun and unique experience that is not all about hard figures.

How will a low-traffic site benefit from the Publicity Wheel?

It is important that low-traffic sites always have a great opportunity to win selection each round, and the selection process makes that much more possible than traditional banner exchange programs.

If you are interested to boost your blog traffic, kindly click the blue 125×125 The Publicity Wheel banner on your right top corner. Or leave your comment here with your email and I shall sent you the invite.

Let’s get more publicity with The Publicity Wheel. All The Best…Ye Hah!

“No.1 spot with 1on40” is a scam.

It is a scam thanks to my friend (read his comment below) who advise me on this SEO scammer. Below is my previous post on 1on40. Sorry guys, I do make mistake sometimes. We need to educate each other more frequently.

For further details read on here:


2008 Special Link Love

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