Having Trouble Improving Your Google Ranking?

Today after coming back to office I read one interesting article, about Having Trouble Improving Your Google Ranking?

Well, how to improve our google ranking? More traffic I presumed. Many SEO gurus are saying that Google is by far the most important search engine on the net. To rise to the top of their search engine, we need to improve our link popularity and we need to understand how google measure our link popularity (over 50% of all search engine traffic comes from Google, and if you can rise to the top, you will likely rise to the top of all the other search engines as well) ūüôā

Link popularity is defined as the number of sites that are linking to our site. Some websites have thousands or even millions of sites linking to them, while others might have only a few. The search engines use the number of inbound links your site has as a measure of how important your site is, which translates into your search engine ranking.

The actual number of links to your site is not the only variable used to calculate your link popularity. The search engines also examine the relevance of the links to the subject matter of your site. For example, if a website that sells vitamins has 4,000 inbound links, but the source of most of the links are websites that have nothing to do with vitamins, then the algorithm that search engines use to determine link popularity will take that into account, and the link popularity score will not be very good.

It is possible for a website with a relatively small number of quality inbound links to be ranked higher than a site with a bunch of irrelevant or insignificant links. If I have a website that offers quotes for auto insurance, and I have 800 quality inbound links, then I might receive a much higher search engine ranking than another mortgage site that has 3,000 links that stem from link farms or Free For All (FFA) pages.

If you try to acquire inbound by using link farms or FFA pages, not only will it hurt your search engine ranking, but you might get permanently removed from the search engine listings. Links farms are sites where you can instantly exchange links with all the sites listed in that directory. FFA pages are pointless link directories. The search engines usually discount any links that come from either of these sources.

Now that we understand what link popularity is and how it works, we need to look specifically at how Google measures it. They use a number of variables in their algorithm to calculate your overall link score. The higher your score, the higher you will be ranked in the search listings.

One factor that Google uses in their algorithm, obviously, is the total number of sites linking to you. The more links you have, the higher your score will be. However, their algorithm is a little more complicated than that, and it is possible for a website with fewer links to be ranked higher than a website that has more links.

The reason for this is because Google also measures the quality of your links. If your website is about vitamins, and the site linking to you is a video game site, then that is not considered a quality link. The link still helps your score, but the link would help your score much more if it were from a website whose subject matter is the same as yours.

Also, Google gives a higher score to a link if it comes from a page that has actual content that relates to your keywords. For example, if your site is about jewelry, and another jewelry website has posted a link to your site on their links page, that link is not as valuable as a link to your site coming from a blog or a message board where a lot of information about jewelry is being written or discussed.

Also, they give an even higher score to a link if it contains anchor text that matches one of the keywords that describes your site. For example, if I have a site that sells lawnmowers, and a blog about lawnmowers has posted a link to my site, it helps my score even more if the link text (also known as anchor text) is LAWNMOWERS. To learn more about anchor text, go to a search engine and look up ANCHOR TEXT and you will be able to learn about it.

Another factor used by Google to score your link popularity is the diversity of keywords contained on sites linking to you. For example, if you have a site that sells handbags, and all the links to your site are from other sites that contain nothing but the keyword HANDBAGS, Google considers that to be abnormal. To get a higher score, you need to have links coming from sites that contain a variety of keywords related to handbags, such as BUY HANDBAGS, LEATHER HANDBAGS, etc.

It is difficult to increase your link popularity, but now that you understand how your score is calculated, you can devise a plan to improve your score. You might want to consider posting to forums and blogs that contain information that is related to your site, and when you post, include a link to your site.


Thanks to the Author: Jim Pretin is the owner of http://www.forms4free.com, a service that helps programmers make an HTML form. Thanks to Jim for this great article. I certainly learn a lot today. Cheers.


What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa ranking . . . ermmm . . . does this ranking important? I am not sure either. My ranking is now

What is Alexa? Here it is: Alexa is a search engine that provides extra information such as traffic rankings. An Alexa ranking is an indicator used to gauge site performance, based on comparisons drawn against other sites.

So below is what Alexa shown for the ranking of this website today. I will monitor this again next month and will see whether there will be more improvement. Remember this site is only not more than 6 month old! Still a new baby on the Internet but certainly is making waves globally. See why . . .

How to get this traffic to this website? I did what is being taught at AtomicBlogging site and I would also recommend BlogRush. Not only that, when you want to get more quality traffic learn here about Getting Traffic Explosion and get the Viral link strategy to boost it all the way.

To open up your thinking about How to get more exposure and traffic to your blog or website I would certainly love to read this Blogmastermind. Get in and open your mind and you will see what I mean.

Talk Show with Dr. Irfan Khairi and Dr. Azman Chin (CNI)

Yesterday at Radio24 The Talk Show was a success. The guess speaker was Dr. Azman Chin, an MLM Leader from CNI.

In brief I would like to highlight here about the topic that was discussed.

Azman Chin said in order to be Successful in MLM one need to have

> 3 important goals:

a. Short term goal
b. Middle term goal
c. Long term goal

> Then one need to be knowledgeable. Always upgrade oneself.

> MLM business model is good for people who want to have a business on their own with a real small capital. This business model is good to create a positive mindset to one individual and have the self believe that he could succeed.

> Communication is very important if one need to succeed in MLM Business. Always be prepared to talk and communicate. Effective communication is a must in all businesses.

> How to overcome rejection in MLM? One must have focus to succeed and always tell your love ones of what is your goal in doing this business and get their 100% support. Without their support you are going to FAIL in this business model.

> Join an MLM company who has the clear goal to Success, an established MLM business company and registered with the local Authority and have an AJL licence (example in Malaysia). Build your credibility of becoming a great MLM marketer with one company. Do not jump to any other company without establish yourself first in the business.

> Always learn how to handle working pressure in doing this business. Pressure could come from every angle. To Azman Chin, PRESSURE is an accent for you to SUCCEED in this business model. Always have the attitude to proof your critics wrong.

> Do NOT EVER to show-off when doing this business. Gradually upgrade yourself to show to your prospect how to do this business in a systematic and successful manner. Use the A-B-C strategy. What is A-B-C?

        A РAdvisor                B РBridge                 C РCustomer

Your upline as advisor, you yourself as the Bridge, to your prospect or customer. This is the model for a newcomer to this business.

> For a start, have a list of prospect. What type of prospects needed for this business?

You could categorize your prospects to 3 groups:

a. As Supporters
b. As good listerners
c. As no good listerners

Azman Chin said one need to become “A Doctor in A Battlefield”. Save people who are really in needs and leave a 50-50% chance person as side but comeback to them later. This is just to motivate yourself and be focus in this business.

> When you are motivated and committed to do this business, you need to have K.A.S.H.

        K РKnowledge               A РAttitude                   S РSkill                   H РHealth

You need to upgrade your knowledge to do this business, have a right and good attitude, attained a good skill and a great health to become a Successful MLM business builder or owner.

Here are some finer tips that I gather during the Talk yesterday.

All the Best and do not forget to stay tune to Radio24 at 93.9FM next week Thursday for another great guess speaker.

If you need more tips, register yourself here: http://www.jejakjutawan.com/


Article Writing Versus List Building

I would like to share one interesting article that I read today. The author is Gary Baker

There is a very close relationship between writing an article and building an opt-in list. Article writing is a skilled technique to convince the target.

For example let us say that a person writes an article to send it through an email campaign, so that people visit his website and/or opts-in for a newsletter.

The direct target of this person is to perform in such a way so that people who read the email may immediately be convinced that they should join the newsletter. So, coming to the point, the article written in the email body should be powerful.

After reading your email article, if people think that you are saying the truth and they feel it internally by heart, along with relevant facts outlaying the benefits and value of the products you are promoting, then more than likely, this means that your article is excellent and more people will respond to join your opt-in list.

So, this is the main reason behind the close relationship of article writing and list building.

The first email written for an email campaign should be a welcome email. This step should also never be ignored. If possible, please include free giveaway products, coupons, etc.

Another thing to remember is that while writing the article for email campaigns, take care in using something unique and different in the subject line.

Todays human being has the mentality of using common sense and psychological ideas, before taking action.

When anyone checks his inbox, he will first of all directly read the subject and delete without going further through your mail, if his psychological idea says that it’s a spam.

This is the reason why you should use unique and different subject lines. If a visitor comes to your website or receives an email from you looking for information and doesn’t sign up to receive your e-mails, you may miss an opportunity to turn that customer into cash.

So write the best articles and get the more customers to your list, whether it’s a website or email campaign.

Happy list building!

Apsense will pay you to contribute content

Apsense will pay you to contribute content. because your content is your real asset You will actually get Paid to contribute.

For instance if you are an eBay seller, this is how apsense will help your business grow. You invite your buyers to join your group and tell them that if they discuss in your group, they will get paid. And they will! also you can promote your product in your group this is why we call apsense as business social network.

So why not join Apsense today! You will truly love Apsense.

Apsense is very viral and Easy to do So if you love to write then join my team Did I tell you it was F.ree?

The concept behind the “World of Apsense” is that our users can now own a piece of Apsense and allowing them to easily earn an income from it. The contents that you build at Apsense belongs to you, you will make money when your quality content pages display ads from advertisers. By quality content pages we mean your business blogs and business group discussions. There is No Limit to how much money you can make, it is depended on how much quality contents you and the people your network creates.

How Exactly do I Make Money with Apsense? This is what Apsense says . . . .

Fact: Reports from Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, states that Online Advertising generated over $17 BILLION in 2006 and growing rapidly.

Make money from content pages that YOU create. Apsense helps your current business grow by enabling you to create contents for your business, at the same time, these contents can generate a lot of advertising money for you! You will Get Paid when we display “Ads by Google” and “Ads by Apsense” advertisements on your content pages. Our profit share system pays out up to 85%, by far the highest in the industry, to our users (that would be You).

Make money from content pages that YOUR NETWORK creates. Let the people you refer down 6 generations (that would be your private network) work for you and make you money! In other words, while the people in your network is creating contents for their business you will also make money. You will Get Paid when we display “Ads by Google” and “Ads by Apsense” advertisements on content pages that belong to people in your network.

Make money selling your own Ad Space. While Apsense shares up to 85% of our profits with our users, we also allow our users to sell their own Ad space on their content pages. This unique “World of Apsense” concept is what separates us from our competitors. To help our users sell their own ad space, we have developed a marketplace with auction formatted listings and bidding. These content pages belong to you, you can sell the available ad space to any potential advertiser and earn 100% of the revenue.

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