What is Hot and What is Not in Technology for 2008

Guys, I have read this interesting article that I would like to share here. Since we are still on the 3rd week January read this article meticulously.

After looking into my crystal ball, I have made a cluster of predictions about what will be hot, and what will be not so hot in technology for 2008.

1. Video
YouTube has not shown any signs of slowing down. With the increasing popularity of portability and the increase of video-viewing technology, the growth of video is unlikely to slow down.

2. Healthy
Healthy is in. It is not only fashionable, but now cool to be healthy. Maybe this will help counter the rise in obesity in the US. Even those who give in to their cravings and indulge agree that it is cool to be healthy. Organic foods are at an all time high with an increase of roughly 20% per year in the US! This may also be a top New Year Resolution.

3. Long Tail
The Long Tail is still hot. Small businesses and big business are all attempting to capture the famed long tail.

4. Buy USA
Buying USA is in. The falling dollar has made US products more competitive in foreign markets. Moreover, the quality issues that came to light in 2007 (lead in various Chinese products) have made US consumers more conscious about buying US manufactured products.

5. Rich Internet / Interactive Web / Semantic Web / Web Services
The interactive web with user reviews, peer voting, and social bookmarking has never been more popular. The Internet has become more personal and interactive. Contextual content has given way to personal preferences.

6. Aggregate and Attention Data
Suggested purchases, related purchases, and recommended purchases are now an integral part of e-commerce. Aggregate data is becoming a critical component of up-sells.

7. Power of the People
The collective voice and user-generated content is taking the Internet by storm. Yahoo Answers is a pristine twist on the collective voice; it allows visitors to answer questions from others. Good answers are rated and users are rated on a point-based system. Amazon’s MTurk acknowledges the need for humans: pay people to do things that machines cannot. Surprisingly, in a technical society, people still have power.

8. Going Green
Going green has never been more popular. With environmental concerns becoming a global issue, saving the planet, protecting resources and living green is tantamount to being a responsible citizen. Venture capitalists are not turning a blind eye to the needs of clean green technology; alternative energy and green living are attracting interest from deep pockets.

9. Biometrics and Big Brother
Digital data and tracking is at an all time high. Privacy concerns appear to be taking a backseat to cool new technology that is likely to label the 21st century.

10. Prosthetics / Bionic
The revolution of evolution. The devastating limb injuries to soldiers is expediting the growth in the biomedical field of prosthetics. Huge advancements are being made, and super human limbs are a future possibility.

Top 10 Losers – What is Not Hot Predicted for 2008

1. Lead
Lead and harmful chemicals in toys is definitely out.

2. Squat Toilets
Squat toilets are definitely out! The Olympics in Beijing will likely westernize the East and introduce them to modern conveniences of the Western world.

3. DRM
Not much better than #2, digital rights management still has a number of issues to work out.

4. China
Between the claims of spying, rampant pollution and poor quality imports, China is on the outs for 2007.

5. Skinny is Out
Curves are in.

6. Blockbuster / Netflix
The future is downloading movies to iPods. Blockbuster and Netflix are likely to have a difficult time in the future. On demand video rentals available for immediate download offer compact portability and will cut into the current video rental markets.

7. Orbo
Orbo, the promised dynamic new energy source is going out. Orbo fell flat, with lots of hype and little to show. Perhaps Orbo will prove the naysayers wrong and make a splash in 2008, but for now Orbo is not hot.

8. MySpace fell to Facebook
Between perverts and conscientious parents realizing the risks associated with MySpace, the social network toppled. However, it was quickly replaced by Facebook, which promised a higher level of security (which is proven to be a fallacy). Facebook violated user privacy by sharing purchases with “friends”, and with the addition of privacy controls, users are still leery. Social networks not only experienced growing pains but online threats are still an issue and privacy concerns are increasing exponentially.

9. Privacy
Stores tracking purchases, cars equipped with satellite tracking, cell phones tracked, and still few common citizens realize or acknowledge how much privacy they have lost over the last 20 years.

10. Piracy
For the first time it seems people are beginning to comprehend the effects of piracy in the software industry. It seems that software piracy may be on the decline and that software piracy is no longer considered cool.

Last Years Predictions — How Did We Do?
Readers can assess my ability to predict based on last year’s collection of technology predictions at: http://www.small-business-software.net/whats-hot-whats-not.htm.


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Maxis Wireless Broadband

Today I just registered a new USB Modem for Wireless from Maxis. Now I am accessing the net from this new modem. It is cool man. Check this out.

Reason No. 1, I am staying at Subang Jaya. Maxis coverage for 3G is okay here so obviously my choice of Maxis Wireless Broadband is ideal. Here what Maxis told about this service at their website. Moreover I am moving to my new office so with wireless it is more flexible for me.

“Maxis Wireless Broadband is miles beyond your average high-speed internet connection. When you sign up for our services, you can count on a host of benefits that put your needs ahead of everything else. You can surf 15 times faster than traditional dial-up modem.”

First Malaysian Scorpene submarine launched

Malaysia’s first Scorpene submarine was launched yesterday signifying yet another leap in Malaysia’s pursuit of new technology. After the first Malaysian was in space being accomplished and now the first Malaysia’s submarine will dominate the sea especially in this region of South East Asia.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, named after the country’s first Prime Minister, was unveiled in a historic ceremony at the DCNS dockyard in Cherbourg (France), about 400km from Paris. The Chief of Staff of the Malaysian Navy, Admiral Tan Sri Ramlan Mohamed Ali, and the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Oudot de Dainville, were present at the ceremony commemorating the joining of the fore- and aft-sections of the first Scorpene submarine being built for the Malaysian Navy.

Also in attendance were the Chief executive officer of DCN, Jean-Marie Poimbeuf and Submarine Force Project Team head First Admiral Rosland Omar, along with representatives of DCN, Armaris and Navantia. The contract was originally signed in June 2002 between the Malaysian government, DCN and the Spanish shipbuilder, Navantia. It concerns the building of two Scorpene-class submarines, and also covers a contract for training Malaysian crews in submarine handling and operations. These two contracts will allow the Royal Malaysian Navy to acquire a first-class submarine force.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is set to sail home, manned by the country’s first submarine crew in January 2009 while the second vessel, to be named KD Tun Razak, is expected to be delivered by October 2009.

Read the full spec of Scorpene here.

To view how Scorpene works, sit back and view this movie.

Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor set to return home today.

Latest news from ISS – International Space Station.

The crews will bid their final farewells Saturday night, as the Expedition 15 crew, Yurchikhin and Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov, board their Soyuz TMA-10 spacecraft for the return to Earth. They will undock from the station around 3:14 a.m. EDT Sunday and land in the steppes of Kazakhstan around 6:37 a.m.

Joining Expedition 15 for the journey home is spaceflight participant Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, a Malaysian flying under an agreement with the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos). He arrived at the station with the Expedition 16 crew, Whitson and Flight Engineer Yuri Malenchenko, on Oct 12.

This song “GEMURUH” is dedicated to our Malaysian Hero, Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Malaysia first astronaut blast off to ISS on 10.10.2007

Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor is the first Malaysian Astronaut sent to space yesterday on the historic date 10.10.2007

To those who does not see the blast off here it is . . . .


More viewing, here live at: http://www.angkasawan.knowledgegrid.net.my/

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