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Guys, today I read about the new Sony Reader PRS-505 which the electronic book for bookworms. The sleeker and more stylish second generation of the Sony Reader is a hardcover replacement. Is that so? We have to wait and see. Sony said the electronic book with enough memory to hold up to 160 novels is due to go on sale in the UK tomorrow. Wow! to those in the UK, check this out and share your review here. Today I look around on the internet and found this Sony Digital Reader at its website with a slogan “Always have the perfect book – wherever, whenever.

Before you buy, just read the review here, Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505, and this is a good one. . . .

Saying the gadget will “revolutionize reading”, Sony’s spokesman declared: “What the Walkman did for music on the move, the Reader is about to do for books.”

May I change it a bit, “It is tip to do for books what the iPod did for music…” Am I right? It is reported that Model Lily Cole launched the Sony Reader at a Waterstone’s store in London ahead of the nationwide release of the £200 gadget. Wow! could we afford it? Looking at 160 books storage, I think it is worth buying, especially is you are a bookworm.
On her review, Miss Cole, 20, who is about to begin reading social and political sciences at King’s College, Cambridge, said: “In these extremely fast-paced times it’s hard for book lovers like me to read on the go. This device allows me the freedom to carry around hundreds of books all under one cover.” But the British Library said the gadget was unlikely to kill off the traditional paper book. A book lover said, “We as the book lovers and pleasure readers would not give up the traditional paper book for an electronic gadget”, which I do agree. Reading a traditional paperback book is more fun but on the other side sometime technology does help to ease our daily life.

Guys, if you need a closer look on this gadget, here is how it looks like. Do you like it? If you are in the UK, get it tomorrow at £200 a piece. Also read about this, “Can eBooks really conquer the world?

Mobile number portability (MNP)

Wow, sounds like alien huh! Today I went to make a courtesy visit to one of my customer who work at a reputable telecommunication company in Malaysia. Since this month is Ramadan so we talk just in his office. Normally I would have a “teh-tarik” with him.

So along the casual conversation suddently we jumped to talk about Mobile number portability (MNP). Basically MNP enables mobile telephone users to retain our mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another. This is cool when we want to switch to a new mobile service provider, while retaining our existing mobile number.

The service which was launched last Friday, would firstly be on a limited ‘live’ trial basis for prepaid phone users in the Klang Valley. He said the service would be extended to postpaid users later on mid September followed by a nationwide launch in early October 2008. This is what his CEO told a reporter on this seamless tranfer for mobile users in Malaysia.

Read the report in theedgedaily.com for further details.

Goggle it!

I read an interesting gadget today at reuters.com.

Japanese researchers have come up with a device which can help find keys and other misplaced household items.The goggles rely on complicated computer algorithms to achieve the feat.

My question is, could it find a missing person??? 🙂

Andrew Potter reports via this video.

Save Your Stuff

There are times when changes in your life – leaving a job, school, or going overseas – will necessitate figuring out how to package up all of your important data to take with you. And if you have been using one PC for a long time, chances are good that you have lots of data you would rather not lose. When you arrive at your new place and settle in with your new PC, you will save hours, if not days, by having packed up a suitcase full of lice-long possessions. Here how it is done.

For the past several months I have been testing Mozy, an online backup from Salt Lake City-based Berkeley Systems, which was recently acquired by software giant EMC (Charts, Fortune 500). I had the service recommended by some colleagues and I liked Mozy’s interface and free service. So I upgraded to the pay plan.

Signing on is simple. Surf over to Mozy.com and sign up for two gigs of free online backup. Unlimited storage costs $4.95 a month for single users. MozyPro – my pick for the small business – offers live support and more robust features starting at $3.99 per seat per month and $.50 per GB of storage. So an average 10-person business with, say, 100 GB of files to protect – should expect to pay about $90 a month, way less than a few hours of professional IT support.

Note that Mozy works best for backing up data files, not your giant system and application files which you should back up on disks. Neat system dick tip: Jot down those insanely long license numbers for your office software and e-mail them to yourself. Than save that e-mail. That way you have your software keys in case of physical damage to the disks.

What makes Mozy so great?

Mozy makes online backup possible for everyone with an affordable, secure solution that’s easy to use. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the news section to see all the nice awards Mozy have received and what the experts are saying about Mozy.



Selling Internet job listings in booming Asia seems like a cinch.

This is another fine example on how one could be successful online. I mean an online business. This article was in Forbes.com today. May I ask you few questions?

  1. Have you got a job?
  2. If not where do you find one online?

In Malaysia we will search for jobstreet.com. Well, this is the story about Mark Chang the founder of JobStreet.com

When Mark Chang started JobStreet in 1997, he figured it would earn him a regular paycheck and allow him to be his own boss, but he didn’t expect anything more. Fast-forward ten years: JobStreet is now Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company. It’s growing in Hong Kong and India, and it’s entered Japan.

Who is Mark Chang? Mark Chang is an Executive Director and Founder of JobStreet.com. He has also been its Chief Executive Officer since its inception. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, USA in 1988 and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1990.

After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chang returned to Malaysia and took a job as an engineer at a catheter factory in Perlis, northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. He spent his evenings and weekends tooling around the Internet. In 1995, figuring he was ready to set out on his own, he started Malaysia Online, the country’s first commercial Web site. MOL offered the usual portal services, including online classifieds, and Chang quickly noticed that the job listings were popular. That led to JobStreet.com.

The site’s growth soon bumped into a problem: Malaysia’s then slow Internet speeds were putting off some job seekers. So he wrote software enabling the site to match jobs with job seekers and automatically e-mail them when a suitable opening was posted. That way they didn’t have to keep logging on to the system to conduct fresh searches of the listings.

By 2000 Chang had decided he had too much on his plate with MOL. He spun off JobStreet into a separate company and sold MOL for $3.2 million to Vincent Tan, the chief executive and controlling shareholder of Berjaya Group. He then plowed $2.6 million into JobStreet and began building the site in earnest.

During the early years Chang was basically winging it. “When I started JobStreet, I had no business plan,” he says. “I just thought, ‘I’ll try it for two years and see how it goes.'” His approach worked in his favor as dot-com fever swept through Asia in 1998 and 1999 and Internet consultants and angel investors bombarded Chang with business plans and big ideas.

Read the whole Success story of Jobstreet and Mark Chang at Forbes.com Turning Classifieds Into Cash

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