Secrets Of Writing Sales Materials Revealed

Hey Guys, I am pretty excited about Internet Millionaires Club. There are alot of thing that I could learn with this bunch of people in the club. They are very sincere in telling all about what need me to know, what need to do and so on. I thought I know enough…..feww!…actually there are more to learn. Abundance of infos for me to apply in my online business.

One of the skill that amazed me is to learn how dynamic and influential copywriting will help you to write sales copy that actually works!

I just love making money. I suspect you like making money, too. Now, for the first time ever, I have everything you need to know about making money with any product or service you might choose to sell.

It’s not all that hard, really. Anyone can do it if they know what to do, and there are thousands of people JUST LIKE YOU out there making tons of money right now.

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to make that huge quantity of money without any risk, or complicated tactics? This may sound like a fantasy or a far away dream, but just look around and you’ll see examples of the kind of success you could be having everywhere you turn.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you sell. It doesn’t matter if you’re already making money with that product or service. No, you can make more money right away just by taking advantage of a few simple, straight forward ideas that will literally transform your profitability in a very short time. Once you have the right elements in place your product or service will practically sell itself!

Now, I know a lot of people just like you who wonder if all of this is really possible. They wonder if it’s just another ‘too good to be true’ gimmick, the kind that seem to burst out of every nook and cranny on the internet.

Are you ready to hear the truth? Here it is: DYNAMIC & INFLUENTIAL COPYWRITING

Announcement: The new revamp Atomic Blogging 2.0

Hello guys, I got an email today from Alvin and he said that he have added more stuff onto the new revamp Atomic Blogging 2.0. Wow! looks like Alvin is going all out to tap on the power of Web 2.0 world!

The new release of Atomic Blogging will come with a new system, new content, more freebies and much more…

Because of the amount of effort put into it, the price of the package will increase but if you and to those who act today till the new version launch on the 15th Feb 2008, you will get the upgrade for FREE! (That is what Alvin told me and his promise). The current version is now 1.0 and the new 2.0 will only be release on the 15th Feb 2008 which I will inform you again via email for the FREE upgrade from time to time or feel free to visit me here again for more updates.

So if you have not purchase Atomic Blogging yet, now is the time to take advantage of the free upgrade on the 15th Feb 2008!

Entrecard does works

Look at the above “Blog Of The Day”, you could be there too. How? Just drop your blog above and see how the traffic grows to your sites. Let me brief you here. Entrecard is a blogging service that has quickly emerged (or exploded) onto the scene over the last couple of months. Entrecard widgets are popping up on thousands of blogs around the blogosphere – including here. I barely use the system not more than 3 weeks but the traffic is growing steadily and without doubt Entrecard is a system that will compliment to my Atomic Blogging. See Atomic Blogging on your right >>>>>>

How it works? Okay…read here.

Entrecard is a free social advertising network for bloggers. Everyone knows that the 125×125 has become this semi-official “ad of the blogosphere.” What Entrecard allows you to do is :

  • Advertise your 125×125, for free, on any blog in our network (like the one above)
  • Pay with Entrecard Credits instead of real money (no hard cash here)
  • Earn Credits by visiting other blogs, and dropping your card for the owner (through the widget above) much in the same way you would hand someone your regular business card (this is cool)
  • See 3D statistics of traffic from ad campaigns and from our site, as well as stats for cards given and received
  • The whole service is incredibly easy to use and intuitive once you give it a try

So far, Entrecard has been quite effective at sending traffic to members’ blogs. Imagine a user that has a free ad right here for a day (yes, full 24 hours without rotation), as well as ads running on 10 small to medium sized blogs. The traffic benefits can be significant. And on top of the advertising network there is an active social network, complete with a forum, messaging system, and more, that our members are actively taking part in. Bloggers have great information to share with each other, and we’re happy that so many are choosing Entrecard as an outlet. So why wait join Entrecard now to expose your blogs broader in the blogsphere.

This is what I like about Entrecard.

  • When you place a free ad on someone else’s blog, how long does it run for? Are there other ads in rotation?

When you place an ad one someone’s blog with Entrecard, it runs for a full 24 hours, solid, with no other ads in rotation.

Top Card Droppers to my blog

Dropper # of drops
Cromely’s World 7
Toast & Egg & Me… 6
HRM Business Practices Briefs 6
ArticleSnatch Blog 4
CK Marketing 4
Make Money Online With EJ Cooksey 4
Mottekaero jDonuts 3
Trade Forex Online 2
Make Mad Money Work 2
Mathew Packer dot com 2

Top card droppers

This table lists the Entrecard users who dropped their card on your site the most in the last 30 days. High numbers suggest regular, even daily readers who drop their card to show you they’ve visited, as well as to help your advertising price and Campaign position.

My review of Blog Rush is a rush

Only after 3 days putting in the Blog Rush widget, here is the stat:

Only 8 bloggers signup but the traffic is acceptable. I will monitor this and advise you guys later. It is a worthwhile trying because it is F.ree.

Jason James “Untold Marketing Secrets” Reviewed

When I decided to review Jason James’ new product “Untold Marketing Secrets”, I was immediately confused. You see Jason gave away a “Preview Report” which I believe is a very good report that could have easily been sold on its own.

The Preview Report covered 19 Untold Marketing Secrets of which some are gonna make some folks upset. It isn’t often that someone making their living online tells you what you “need” to hear rather than just what you “want” to hear to sell products.

But since you have access to that report for free, all I am going to say is download it, READ IT & take some ACTION! After all Jason has graciously given you that info for free.

As for the “Members Only Report” my first surprise was it wasn’t as many pages as I expected. But we all know that value isn’t the same as page count.

This report was done the same as the Preview report…the same only different. This info was more cutting edge.

Jason’s writing style is clear. He tells you some of the simplest ideas that make you realize that sometimes all you have to do is look at things just a *little* differently than you have before.

As I went down through the list of Untold Marketing Secrets I found valuable resources in the form of links, websites & software. Then it happened.


OK that was a new one. Secret #7. I would have never thought of that one. Just a bit sneaky too!

Then WHAM!

Secret #9 …So Jason told us a great way that HE uses to make money. Once again while I was familiar with the topic I just didn’t realize the potential. Jason just spelled it out. Hey I can do that.

And so it went.

By the time I got to Secret #24 I was loaded with ideas. I’m sure you will be too, any ONE of which can make you more money than the cost of the report in the first place.

That is, as long as you take A-C-T-I-O-N.

Granted if you are Mike Filsaime you may not need this report. If you are John Reese, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern or any one of a dozen other “gurus” out there you probably won’t need it. But, since those guys know the value of getting ongoing education they may buy it just to glean even ONE idea from it. Just one idea can make you thousands.

The Untold Marketing Secrets report WAS lacking in something, however. It was lacking in fluff! It was all hard core information.

As for the bonuses…well they were stacked up pretty high too. In fact, there are PDFs all by strong marketers in their own right. There are audios & videos as well.

Most of the bonus items were quite informative, especially to the newbie & struggling marketer.

All in all I still liked the material that Jason himself provided better than the bonuses, but the bonuses and celebrity interviews were great. The interview with Mike Filsaime sent chills down my back when Mike told the details of how he got started.

And if you haven’t heard Lisa Diane’s story before, well let’s just say inspiration is an understatement.

I found Jason’s “in your face” honesty refreshing in todays hyped up internet marketing world. I need more actionable items. Jason provided that.

Give “Untold Marketing Secrets” a try. Some of these ideas you’ve probably heard. Others I would be amazed if you have.


You will find good solid info inside and a great value to you. And if you don’t make money with the info…well then my friend…you just didn’t take action. See you inside.

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