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FBEngagr by Victory Akpomedaye Review : the Facebook Poll Engagement tool helps you to boost customer engagement as well as increase sales and conversion.

Looking for Latest and Best Internet Marketing Product ? Wanna Keep update what’s happening in the IM World? You have came to the right place!

FBEngagr Pro is the great and intelligent software for you. You can easily get free traffic from Facebook. This is a cloud based software so you can access it from anywhere and from any device as long as you have internet connection. You don’t need to install anything and it’s all hosting from the cloud. You can use the world’s largest social platform for personal profits and you don’t need to have paid ads and also experience. You can be totally newbie. You will be able to get paid to build your list with automated impulse funnels that instantly convert traffic into profits and scale up for explosive profits in any niche. With this FBEngagr Pro by Victory Akpos you only need to do three simple steps. The first step that you need to do is to login and set up your traffic, leads, and sales for driving the campaign. Then, the next step that you have to do is to customize it with your link. You can also customize it with your autoresponders and also offers. The last step is to publish it to your FB profile and also pages and you are able to get free viral traffic and profits from any niche. You will be able to get as many profits as you want because FB is the best prospects are hanging out there daily. The platform started as a way for people to connect. But with its massive growth, FB realized it could make ridiculous profits by charging for ads. FB has been cutting reach for brands and urging them to buy ads instead. Fan acquisition, they said, should only be seen as a tool to make your paid advertising more effective.

It is Best Software For Creating Interactive Automated Poll Campaigns That Engages And Capture’s Leads On Facebook Resulting To Massive Sales. FaceBookEngagr Allows You To Create Automated Interactive Poll Campaigns that Capture leads and Engage your Audience on FB Resulting to Massive sales & Buyers On Demand 100% Free. Hack facebook (legally) for 100% free traffic that turns visitors into buyers on autopilot.

Getting customers from FB without spending a dime on advertising. Use the world’s largest social platform for personal profits. No paid ads or experience needed. Get paid to build your list with automated impulse funnels that instantly convert traffic into profits. Scale up for explosive profits in any niche. This works with any kind of traffic pinterest, youtube, twitter, seo, you name it Fbengager will siphon that traffic and transform it into leads. It has simple steps, STEP 1 – Login & Setup A Traffic, Leads & Sales Driving Campaign. STEP 2 – Customize With Your Links, Autoresponder & Offers. STEP 3 – Post To Your Profiles & Pages For VIRAL Traffic & Profits In ANY Niche. Fbengagr is 1st ever FB Poll Engagement Builder Tool. Fbengagr Is A Cloud-Based Software & Traffic System For Getting You The best FB traffic without paying for ads.

Fbengagr Allow Your Customers To Create Automated Interactive Poll Campaigns that Capture leads and Engage The Audience on FB Resulting to Massive sales & Buyers On Demand 100% Free! This is the First Ever Facebook Poll Engagement Builder Tool In Our Industry That boosts Customer Engagement, Increase Sales and Conversion. It’s simply a Powerful cloud based software that lets your customers build Eye-catching Poll-Like campaigns on Facebook with a user friendly image editor… It has been proven over time that poll campaigns are highly engaging with potential customers commenting on their choice from the poll. And with FB engagr, you can set automatic response with sales messages to every potential customer that comments on your poll campaigns on Facebook, campaigns with the ability to as well build a customer list based on the offer in the poll they respond to. Login To Fbengagr’s Cloud-Based Dashboard, Create A Campaign From One Of The Included Templates, Or Start From Scratch, Customize Your Post With The Live Preview Feature To Tweak The Appearance & Layout. This Software Qualifies Your Prospects At Every Step Of Your Automated Funnels, You Get Highly Responsive Subscribers Added To Your List From EVERY Campaign, Profits From Impulse. Sales When Prospects See Targeted Offers Designed Especially For Them, Even More FREE Traffic As Visitors SHARE Your Posts With Their Audience. With FBengagr you Get Paid To Build Your List.

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FBEngagr Features:

  • Best Cloud-Based Solution – Nothing to install, run campaigns from any device, anywhere.
  • Multiple Free Traffic Opportunities – Engage FaceBook users with proven poll & ratings posts you can use on your profile AND pages.
  • Automated Profit Funnels – Turn traffic into qualified subscribers & Instant sales with great impulse funnels that maximise conversions.
  • 100% Automated – Save massive amounts of time with 1 click best campaign posting.
  • Unlimited Customization – Create powerful posts to match your branding, add clickable links and calls-to-action.
  • Built In Image Library – Select from over 19 million stunning royalty-free photos, or upload your own.
  • Automated Private Reply Feature – Explode your great conversions by automatically inboxing ANY visitor that engages with your posts.
  • Pictures Worth A Thousand Dollars – Online image editor for point and click customization and calls-to-action that convert.
  • 1-Step Campaign Setup – Choose from multiple pre-built templates to drive traffic, leads and sales in any niche.
  • Add Leads Directly To Your List – API integration with popular autoresponders, UNLIMITED integration with any service via HTML.
  • Scale On YOUR Schedule – Add a tracking pixel to both your squeeze & offer pages to promote your offers to targeted users.
  • Boost For The Win – Use low cost post boosts to drive even MORE converting traffic to your offers.
  • Templates Included – Customise any of the high-performing templates, or create your polls from scratch.
  • Offer Pages Your Way – Include either images OR video on your targeted offer pages to maximize conversions.
  • Multiply Your Profits – Connect up to 3 FB profiles to drive leads & profits in any niche.
  • PLUS: Boost It Up With Built In Stats
    See right inside your dashboard Exactly how much traffic you’re getting, as well as engagement and leads per campaign. You’ll Instantly know which campaigns to boost, and which to further customize to make the highest possible profits.
  • Free Traffic From The World’s Most Popular Social Network
    Now Forget paid ads, this software puts you in front of the best traffic on the planet by using the exact same psychology FB uses. Engage and convert for profits with viral technology that builds your list and makes you sales on autopilot
  • Qualified Subscribers
    Why promote to leads that don’t buy? Fbengagr’s advanced tech Pre-Qualifies leads for you, so you build a list of buyers that you can profit from today, tomorrow, and long term.
  • Explosive Conversions
    With automated funnels that present the perfect offer to prospects at just the right time, your conversions go through the roof. More leads and more sales are an automatic result of using the best software.
  • Scaling For Profit: Built-In
    Use the software for free traffic, leads & sales. Then – once you’re in profit – scale up for even bigger gains. Boost your posts or use the built-in retargeting features to serve low-cost ads to an audience
  • Step-By-Step Easy
    No technical skills, no previous experience needed. The software walks you through the simple steps of creating and running campaigns that drive traffic & profits for you.
  • Included Lead & Sales Templates
    Attract traffic and convert it into sales with fbenagr’s proven templates that cover high profit niches such as health, weight loss, make money, internet marketing, fashion & ecommerce, instantly customize Any template for hands-free list building and profits!
  • And That’s Not All!
    Even though fbengagr is the world’s most advanced tools or software for free FaceBook traffic And includes powerful features that marketers of Any level can use to scale their profits

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Pandan leaves “I think it’s going to be the new matcha”

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson says pandan could be next big food craze in UK, US…. “I think it’s going to be the new matcha”

PETALING JAYA – It is the main ingredient that gives nasi lemak its distinctive aroma, and now it is set to overtake avocados as the next global food trend.

Pandan leaves, which are found in the backyards of many Malaysian homes, are already gaining attention among restaurants and households in the United States, according to popular celebrity chef Nigella Lawson.

It’s a type of plant that we could easily grow in our backyard and we often use it as an ingredient to add flavour and sometimes colour to both savoury and sweet dishes, and even drinks.

Locally, pandan is used in preparing staple food such as nasi lemak to desserts such as onde-onde.

These green leaves offer more than just natural aromatic smell as there are many health benefits including healing sunburn and relieving pain. They are even used to repel insects and as natural deodoriser in cars.

While pandan is a common ingredient used by many Asian households, particularly in the Southeast Asia region, that’s not the case in the West.

However, things are about to change as Lawson has pointed out that the herbaceous tropical plant has already started to gain popularity in the US, the same trend is expected to be seen at the UK.

“I think it’s going to be the new matcha,” she was quoted as saying British daily The Times.

“I may be wrong, but we seem to be interested in that. It’s not in Waitrose (a popular chain of British supermarkets). I don’t know where it is in the country yet. But I notice more and more people in America baking with pandan essence, which comes from the leaf.”

According to The Independent, Lawson is popularly known as a trendsetter when she caused the sale of avocados to spike by 30 per cent after she featured them on TV.

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Before that watch this video about the Pandan Leaves Benefits and Uses.



Source: thestar

Tender Coconut Water Kudrat

Tender Coconut Water Kudrat

Tender Coconut Water Kudrat

Air Kelapa Muda Kudrat

Dari air kepala muda Kudrat ini anda boleh hasilkan banyak jenis minuman yang enak dan khasiat untuk seisi keluarga.
1. Coconut shake
2. Smoothy
3. Coconut ice blend
4. Coconut jelly
5. Puding
6. Kek
7. Kuih
8. Masak Gulai
9. Boleh guna sebagai minuman asas untuk menghasilkan minuman campuran

Air kelapa muda ini, dari turun temurun digunakan sebagai minuman kesihatan dan dipercayai mempunyai ramuan asli yang boleh mengubati banyak jenis penyakit.
1. Panas Badan
2. Cirit-birit
3. Jerawat
4. sembelit
5. Mengurangkan kedut muka/kering kulit
6. Menghilangkan Gout
7. Mengurangkan panas badan dalam wanita hamil
8. Mengurangkan kandungan asid dalam perut
9. Memberi tenaga kepada orang yang kekurangan air dalam badan
10. Melarutkan batu karang dalam badan.
11. Membantu membuang toksin dari badan
12. Membantu mencegah tekanan darah dan meningkatkan HDL
13. Membantu meningkatkan funsi otak dengan pelancaran darah
14. Mempunyai kandungan Elekrolit,Kalsium,Potasium,Sodium,Vitamin C dan lain
15. Menolong dalam keseimbangan kalori dan penurunan berat badan.

Product Description:
Coconut Water Powder is offered to the customers in hyginecally packed sachets. Widely demanded by the patrons to make different tasty things, these powders are pure and prepared by the experts. The KUDRAT coconut water powder is available in sachets of 15 grams each. One sachet is sufficient to make glass full of coconut water. Just pour one sachet in a glass of 150 ml of water at room temperature and coconut water is ready anywhere, anytime.


  • Perfectly packed
  • Longer expiry
  • Moisture free
  • No artificial colour
  • No artificial sweetners
  • No added flavors
  • No preservative
  • No chemicals

Ekzema & Psoriasis

Istilah ekzema merujuk kepada pelbagai jenis penyakit kulit radang. Punca utama ekzema tidak diketahui tetapi ia berkaitan dengan genetik individu di mana sistem imun badan mempunyai respon yang terlalu aktif.

Biasanya, sabun, kain, peluh, binatang dan perengsa lain boleh mencetus ekzema. Ia tidak akan merebak tetapi tidak sedap dipandang. Ekzema menyebabkan kulit menjadi kering, kemerahan, gatal dan berlepuh. Oleh itu, garu-garuan boleh mengakibatkan pembentukan nanah dan kudis.

Kami ada testimoni pengguna Episor dapat melegakan Ekzema.


Terimakasih Episor kerana ada Psoralea corylifolia didalam kapsul Episor.

Make Your GPS Smarter!

Why not get your GPS or your Smartphone smarter today! How? Read here.

Your GPS is no longer just for navigation. Simply upload our M.A.D. (Motorists Against Detection) speed trap and photo enforcement location database into your GPS and you will be alerted to all known locations. You will receive an audio and visual alert every time you approach an enforcement area.



Specialty POI databases are rapidly transforming point?to?point GPS navigation units into lifestyle essential devices. The addition of the Phantom ALERT database will help you, as navigation device owner to avoid costly tickets, and be a safer driver. Most PNDs are usually stored in the glove box until they are needed for navigation. Now, with the ever increasing proliferation of Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, extensive media coverage and increased ticket costs, some over $400.00; upgrading your device with PhantomALERT and getting it out of the glove box and working for you detecting cameras and speed traps will save you from the unnecessary cost of Red Light Camera & Speed trap tickets! Upgrading your navigation device is simple, affordable and can be done in minutes. The PhantomALERT database is delivered digitally from our website. Just Purchase, Download and Install. If you have any problems our friendly staff is ready to help! We can even log into your screen and walk you through the process in a few simple steps.


We have several subscription plans to meet any customer’s need; all include the base POI database with over 100,00 locations! If you’re in the market for your first or additional GPS device we sell the TOP Brands and Models from GARMIN, TOM TOM, Magellan and More! All nav units come  with a FREE installed version of the PhantomALERT database! Don’t wait any longer! Visit our website: http://roslihanip.linktrackr.com/nomoretickets and turn your GPS navigation device into a powerful Red Light Camera and Speed Trap Detector today! And the best is this gadget is 100% legal!

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