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Hey! I am feeling exhausted today after a long day at work and also entertaining friends from Sydney, Australia. Now I am back at my desk. After checking my emails few minutes ago, I feel really excited about this and I would like to share it with you. No matter what I need to tell you now! 🙂

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Vibration – Quality Auditing in Condition Based Maintenance

Let’s get a bit technical today. Have you heard about Vibration – Quality Auditing in Condition Based Maintenance ? No worries here it is the article.

This article is by Dr G (Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Bin Abdul Rahman)

Individual machine components are generally dynamically well designed and rigorously tested. However, when these machines are assembled together their dynamic characteristics changed causing unexpected behaviour of the system. There is a shift in the natural frequencies. Procedures in condition based maintenance (CBM) scheme generally assumed that machine degeneration are caused by wear and tear during operation. However, a considerable percentage of machines have been installed and commissioned with inherent design flaws. Quality Auditing incorporates the concept of Dynamic design verification (DDV) in CBM procedure to eliminate or minimize design flaws during installation. Hence, it reduces the condition monitoring task to merely trending and diagnosis of machine degeneration due to operations alone. DDV combines advanced measurement techniques of dynamic signatures and computational mechanics, namely:

ODS used to determine:

  • Deflection of the structure during operation.
  • Actual vibration values

Modal Analysis used to determine:

  • Resonance points
  • Modes of vibration
  • Damping

Finite Element Analysis finally used to:

  • Perform virtual structural modification to fulfill dynamic design criteria

If you need further info I would suggest you go to this great site of Dr. G:

Malaysia 10K Secrets : Rahsia 10K

Internet Marketing surely making waves in Malaysia now. Not since the oil price hike but I could say in the last 5 years. Many people in Malaysia now have the self-belief that there is a great potential in doing business online. But sadly some are not focus in doing so or in other words “easily give up”. But not to few who have succeed and now they are sharing about their success online.

This morning I was approached via email by a young chap, a 17 year-old Adly aka Labanon (who is a Kelantanese boy), told me about their success via a product called “Rahsia 10K” or in English “A 10K Secrets” which is actually a 10K case study. I am impressed with their work simply because of the dedication and commitment for such a young age could achieve a five figure income just be selling a cheap ebook called Tip Adsense.

[Labanon is on your left wearing the brown jacket and beside him is his business buddy
Zhafran aka Kaizen who is also from the same kampung in Kelantan]

Now Labanon has a case study called “Rahsia 10k” that will show you exactly how he did it. His package also contains interviews with other local Malaysian Internet marketers, who share money making tips in their area of expertise. Very interesting and very intriguing. I could say it is all made in Malaysia as the popular saying goes “Malaysia Boleh!” in the true spirit.

Like Gobala is saying about Labanon, “A lot of people are so surprised that he did all this before he can even grow a proper mustache” (hahahaha! it is a good one Gobala), but as you said Gobala certainly the Internet marketers in Malaysia and elsewhere will get even younger in the years to come.

May I add here, it’s nothing about talent, it is not about born to be successful, it is not about luck or the “break” that decide where you will be, but self-motivation, commitment, enthusiasm and drive to succeed. These are the success traits – the personal qualities that fit a person for success. Surely Labanon has those success traits.

Guys, If you got Labanon’s skills and understand his formula, I don’t see why you cannot achieve the same results he has achieved. So go for it, get “Rahsia 10K“. >>>

I am also learning from this young and brilliant guy. No doubt I am way older than Labanon but it is no shame to learn from him. Why? Because knowledge is the treasure for you to succeed in whatever trade you are doing. It does not matter young or old but importantly it does work.

HomeWorker Magazine

Guys, this is the beauty of working online from home. Today is not my first experience, but it is interesting to highlight here. I was being approached by Dave who is a journalist, a publisher and also a home-based worker from Nexus-Publishing.

Basically what Dave is asking is a simple gesture from a fellow blogger like me. A simple favor to give some exposure to his blog and website of his recently launched HomeWorker Magazine. I do not know Dave in person but I am willing to help, simply because for Online Marketers, we work hand in hand for exposures. It is sometimes not about money but about building business relationship.

The trade is when we help people, in return we shall be helped and not necessarily by Dave but by someone else. That is the beauty. The moral of this that many people are not willing to do this which is “asking”. They are too shy to ask! If we are shy to ask, we are the one who are going to loose but bear in mind that not all people are willing to “ask” and also willing to “give”. But if all people have this positive attitude of helping others, I could see a wonderful life that we going to live in this world, socially and also business wise.

Basically what Dave told me in his email is that, HomeWorker magazine is designed to help everyone that works from home make the most of their time, environment and skills. HomeWorker magazine grew out of a realization that there was no journal that specifically supported the millions of people that now work from home. Occasional features appear in newspapers and specialist magazines, but this information is often missed or overlooked by the very people that could make the most of it. What was once an ‘alternative’ lifestyle with all the connotations that this label brought with it, is now transforming into a lifestyle choice that millions of people are now making.

First Issue Out NOW!
If you work from home or are thinking of starting your own home-based business, HomeWorker Magazine is for you. Packed with features, reviews and news, each issue focuses on home-based workers, entrepreneurs, downshifters and freelancers. Download your copy today! The first issue cover graphic is below,

You may be asking “How do I pay for my issue?”

Each issue of HomeWorker Magazine costs £4.99. You can make a payment using your existing PayPal account, but if you don’t have an account already, you can still use your credit card. Once payment has been authorized you will be able to download your copy.

Enjoy your reading to what we hope will become the world’s best magazine for all home workers from Nexus Publishing, 8 Churchill Drive, Ketley Bank, Telford, Shropshire, TF2 0BT, UK.

Atomic Blogging Video

Guys, it has been so long I did not tell you about Atomic Blogging. Recently I received an email from Alvin saying that there is a new video pertaining to Atomic Blogging. For the past one year Atomic Blogging has help me in my blogging activities until this blog has received a rating as on the right side bar. This is consider great, because I am not a full time blogger and am doing this part-time and I have 2 blogs to monitor. It is not me alone, who are experiencing this with Atomic Blogging but to others too.

Here’s What Others Got To Say About It

“Over the last three months after purchasing Atomic Blogging, traffic to my blog as quadrupled.

Now I am integrating more offers into the blog to monetize it and testing methods of improving my subscriber base. Thanks Alvin!”

Kevin Davis – United States


Alvin has always been super helpful and informative in every aspect of blogging”

Abi Carmen – United States

Now view this video for better understanding on how Atomic Blogging could help you in your blogging activities.


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