Fuel price hike: Change your life style.

Guys, I came across this Facebook group “1 Million Malaysian who are sick of the RM2.70/liter Petrol Price” very interesting. Majority of Malaysians are still shocked to the latest price increased. This social-networking website is created and each day many people have joined the group.

Malaysians are unhappy with the government’s decision. What should we do? According to one of the group member, there are few tips to follow if one need to save money due to this fuel price hike. These are the tips posted by Karl Ngun, from 1 Million Malaysian who are sick of the RM2.70/liter Petrol Price facebook group with a discussion topic “You all are complainers . . . . just walk your talk!”

  • Ride bicycle to school and work – RM200 savings a month
  • No more mamak – RM100 savings a month. Bring your own food to work. Another RM200 savings a month.
  • Don’t go to movies – just get your shows from the local DVD supplier. RM100 savings a month.
  • No more internet – RM88 savings a month.
  • No more Astro – RM80 savings a month.
  • No handphone – RM150 savings a month. Use public phone or just borrow from your friends!
  • Brush your teeth only once a day – as toothpaste is not cheap or just use “miswak” or”kayu sugi”.
  • Eat wind for breakfast.
  • Drink plain water for lunch.
  • Eat one loaf of bread for dinner!
  • If you need money and you do not have enough, consider breaking your arm for insurance claim.
  • Only eat rice and good food during festive seasons.
  • No more air-conditioning.

So the total savings of RM980 a month!!! There you go, good job my friend. Now you could save all your hard earn money for your future.

Now visit this blog, http://cheahmad.blogspot.com/, and view this enterprising movie, “Ubah Gaya Hidup” – Change Your Life Style.

Wait . . . .

Now, let’s compare the price with other Oil-Producing Countries:
Why? Because Malaysia is an Oil-Producing country

  • UAE – RM1.19/liter
  • Egypt – RM1.03/liter
  • Bahrain – RM0.87/liter
  • Qatar – RM0.68/liter
  • Kuwait – RM0.67/liter
  • Saudi Arabia – RM0.38/liter
  • Iran – RM0.35/liter
  • Nigeria – RM0.32/liter
  • Turkmenistan – RM0.25/liter
  • Venezuela – RM0.16/liter
  • and MALAYSIA – RM2.70/liter

If you think you wanna to save more drive this new convertible

And according to a blogger friend, Captain Yusof Ahmad aka The Ancient Mariner, simply go Back to Basics . . . . . .

“My Wife complains that I never take her

to expensive places . . . . .

so last night I took her to a petrol station!”

Lastly this is the message from our Prime Minister and his Deputy on how we should change our life style.

Fuel Price Increase: RM2.70 is the magic figure!

Gosh! Awesome! Unbelievable! I do not know what to say anymore. It is 41% increase to fuel price in Malaysia. Diesel price also increased by 64%. The aftermath is similar to “killer tsunami”. So the magic figure for fuel/petrol is RM2.70 per liter and RM2.58 per liter for Diesel.

The trade and consumer affairs minister, Shahrir Abdul Samad, said the government would also give a yearly cash rebate to owners of small and medium sized cars to offset their burden from the huge hike. Will this help Malaysians in the long run? Beats me I do not know.

Then the Prime Minister said that Tenaga Nasional Bhd would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users. The announcements are part of the new fuel subsidy plan.

Here is the news from the star online:

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister said that The government will scrap ceiling prices on petrol and diesel in August, and allow market forces to determine pump prices after incorporating a new subsidy system for lower-income groups.In theory, this means when world oil prices go down, it should be cheaper to fill up at the petrol stations. The current new price among the cheapest in the region.Given rising crude oil prices at the moment, however, most likely the average Malaysian will pay more for petrol and diesel, similar to consumers in Singapore and Thailand. In effect, pump prices could be more than double the current subsidized prices.More news about the price hike is here at http://thestar.com.my/

I think our Malaysian currency which is called Ringgit Malaysia will have a smaller value. Now with RM50 in your hand, what will you get when you go out for shopping or to groceries or to the gas station?

Are we going to change of lifestyle to save money. No more going to teh-tarik, no more shopping at the mall, no more extra money for holiday. When Najib (Deputy PM) said Malaysians should change their lifestyle, he meant to change your lifestyle for the worse 🙁

It seems that this country has a system to rip money off from her citizens and ask them to keep quiet and live with it. The fuel had almost double its price over the last 5 to 6 years and the salary had only raised like peanuts. I think it is time for Malaysian government to start a citizen’s fairer waging system. With this scenario, the differences between the rich and the poor are stretching beyond control and the rich will always get richer ripping money off the middle and the poor. Don’t you think so?

From the repercussion of that reduced spendings which is recommended above, the nation’s economy will only suffer. Inflation will eventually happen. Your RM50 can’t get you half of the same thing you could buy 5 or 6 years ago. Expect another economic recession resulting from this unexpected fuel hike is a thing to be known in the next 6 months or in the 2009 and beyond.

What should we do? . . . . Need your feedbacks and comments, guys. It is our future in this lovely country, Malaysia. Don’t you think the price is ridiculous?

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High World Rice Prices hit Malaysians

Wow! Are you considering to change your daily diet? Or are changing to locally grown rice instead?

Exceedingly high world rice prices have finally hit Malaysians now that Padiberas Nasional Berhad (Bernas) has raised the prices of five popular grades of imported rice. We consumers should brace ourselves for similar percentage increases – if not more – when buying other imported rice, as well as related foodstuff.

Here is the latest price as of yesterday, June 1, 2008,

Hoarding of imported stock has already begun in the northern peninsular States, and the cumulative effect of the price increases will be reflected not only in the retail prices of milled and packed consumer-grade rice, but also throughout the country’s already inflationary economic system.

To those who ate imported rice have no choice but to pay more, or switch to one of the local grades. The rise will affect Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak the most, as Sabah imports 70% of its rice and Sarawak 47%. This is really a concerned to all Malaysians.

Mahathir quits UMNO

A hot news surface today at noon, Malaysian time. Today is a public holiday but Malaysians are “rock” with this news from Alor Star. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced this on Monday at 12.35pm, citing a lack of confidence in the current leadership.

“I am quitting Umno today,” he told about 1,000 people, mostly Kedah Umno members, at a talk here on Monday.

It was not immediately clear whether the 82-year old Mahathir, who led UMNO for 22 years, would form a splinter party to fight UMNO, but analysts said the move was aimed at jolting the party to act against Abdullah and to preserve Mahathir’s legacy.

“There has been too much talk and no action by those who are anti-Abdullah,” said former deputy premier Musa Hitam. “So Mahathir has to take the first step. Many will follow soon.”

However, he advised those who do quit not to join any opposition party, adding they can all rejoin the party once there is a change in leadership.

How will he ensure about this? This is the scenario that will closely monitor by political analysts in Malaysia and worldwide.

The PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has so far refused all calls for him to step down, and said he would defend his presidency in the party polls in December. This is the main reason why Tun is making this announcement today.

Read more of this here, http://thestar.com.my/news/

Also read more of public comments at his own personal blog, http://www.chedet.com/

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